Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A little HodgePodge today

1.       The best part of waking up is____taking my sweet puppy out to the backyard and both of us stretching and  shaking the cobwebs out. How many of you sung the jingle to Folgers when you read the question?  Cant help it!
2.  Given a choice, which animal interaction would you most like to experience (or for those non-adventurers...which would you dislike the least?)- Swim with the dolphins at one of several locations in the Florida Keys, a lion encounter ten minutes from Victoria Falls (Africa), or a day at a remote base camp high in the Big Sur wilderness via the Ventana Wildlife Society helping track California condors?

It’s a toss between the dolphins and the lions. I really would love to do both.  Florida is easier to get to though so I may end up doing that before the lion encounter in Africa.  The condors being the least but I would take ANY excuse to get to California.

3. What is something you fear about 'old age'? What is something you look forward to? I look forward to the AARP and senior discounts in restaurants and retail shops.  I look forward to the day I’m retired and I can sit still and look back on how long and hard I’ve worked.  I fear dying alone and being too sick to take care of myself.  I don’t want to live with Alzheimer’s or a crippling disease that would put me in a position to burden someone else. I cant even think about it without getting very sad. 

4. Hot sauce...are you a fan? If you answered yes, what's something you make/eat that must have hot sauce? On a scale of 1-10 how hot is too hot? I love a good mild to medium sauce that has great flavor. I am not a fan of it being too hot.  I am very fortunate and biased of living in Dallas with the best salsas around.  I love chips and hot sauce and can eat it every week. 

5. It's been said that children learn what they live. What do you think children learn at your house? I don’t have kids of my own. I have 2 stepkids that are both teenagers and they don’t come over often anymore. I did babysit last weekend and the boys didn’t want to leave. I would hope they know that they can have fun and be safe at my house while at the same time abide by rules.

6. What's your favorite movie with a number in it's title? Hmmm, for teenage campy I loved Sixteen Candles, for a scary creeper I liked Seven and old cheesy would be Three Amigos.

7. Saturday (August 16th) is National Tell a Joke Day...share one here.   Here is a wine joke:
Father O'Reilly was driving down to Boston when got stopped for speeding in Medford. The highway patrol officer smelled alcohol on the priest's breath and then saw an empty wine bottle on the floor of the car.

He said, 'Father, have you been drinking?'
'Only water', replied Father O'Reilly.
The policeman asked, 'Then how come I can smell wine?'
The priest looked at the bottle and said, 'Good Lord! He's done it again.'

8.  Insert your own random thought here.   So last night we all got the news that Lauren Bacall died at the age of 89.  I had always heard death happens in 3’s.  Do you believe that?


  1. YES! I agree with your random comment, it seems to happen a lot. so eerie! ;o
    We seemed to have similar answers, i liked your #1, i do the same with my dog except we go out front instead of the backyard to avoid the cobwebs. ;)

  2. Peyton Manning goes to heaven and God is showing him the mansion prepared for him. All kinds of Colt and Bronco memorabilia, team colors everywhere, the whole nine yards. But he looks across his yard and sees an even bigger- much bigger- mansion with black and gold everywhere, the number 7 painted on everything, buildings, Mercedes, all kind of stuff in black and gold and the number seven. Peyton whines, "I have three super bowl appearances and a ring, I have touchdown records he'd never touch. Why does Ben Rothlesburger have a bigger mansion than me?"

    God chuckles. "Peyton," He says, "That's MY place."

  3. Oh yeah, i love a good salsa. I am sure Texas has a lot to choose from!

  4. Great joke! ;-) -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  5. I've always heard that death happens in 3's, too. Don't know if I believe it or not.

    Cute joke! My favorite of the day :)

  6. I think pretty much everyone was singing the Folgers jingle today : ) Your joke was my favorite in the HP this week. So very sad about Robin Williams (I read your post from yesterday). We grieve for a stranger who felt like a friend. I have read so much about his quiet generosity and kindness, particularly to sick children and our soldiers. Such a loss.

  7. Yes, the Folgers jingle immediately came to my mind. How funny! And, so agree with you on #3, very freightening. Happy rest of the week!

  8. The best part of waking up, is Folgers in your cup! I started singing that before I even realized you typed it!
    I LOVE the priest wine joke, cracking me up!
    Sixteen Candles is always a winner in my book!

  9. I sang the Folger's jingle! I always forget to use my AARP card but I do like the senior prices at the show! Great movie choices. Love the joke!


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