Thursday, August 21, 2014


Happy Thursday Y'all!! So the videos just keep coming and they never get old.  Some people say what does pouring ice on your head have to do with ALS? Well, its bringing awareness and that's all that's necessary.  Up until now, several people didn't realize that ALS was also the same as Lou Gehrig's Disease. Lou was the famous baseball player that passed from the disease and gave it its first exposure.  We all know in October when we see pink ribbons everywhere that its for breast cancer. We all know in February when people wear red its for heart disease. Why then question if millions of people want to drop ice for ALS?
I posted the other the video with Charlie Sheen dropping 10 thousand dollars over his head instead of the ice.  There have been soooo many creative and cute videos since then.  I wanted to show you a few of my favorites.  President Bush and Laura are great sports.  The Foo Fighters does a spinoff of the classic movie Carrie. The New York City Rockettes, and  One of them is very serious and gives you true perspective of how scary this disease is.   There are just so many to choose from but all of them mean so much.
One more thing, my beautiful step-daughter Ally and my pastor from church Brian, both tagged me for the challenge. I will be videoing my own challenge this evening. I said I wasn't going to but I made the donation, why not join the fun after all? 

Have a great day!!! 


  1. I love to watch these videos and the George Bush was one of my favorites. Can't wait to see yours!!

  2. Your selection of ALS videos is spot-on. I love the one of George and Laura too. :) Thank you for posting, donating and taking the challenge! Can't wait to see how it goes... Peace, love and all the best to ya.

  3. I'm on my phone so I can't see the videos, but I loooooooved the one you posted on FB with the Foo Fighters. Pure genius. Just heard n the NBC Nightly News that over $40 million has been raised. LOVE it!

  4. I love all the videos, but I really thouht the Rockettes were cute!!!!


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