Monday, August 25, 2014

Crafty lazy Sunday

Happy Monday y'all! It's back to school for most all of the schools here in Dallas. What that means for me is tons of school zones to work and back. My step kids started today and they were both excited which is good. 
When I got home from church and lunch yesterday, Todd wasn't feeling so good so he hung out on the couch and watched football. I am actually starting to think about our annual HOLLIween party. Having a big back yard is so awesome and will be fun to decorate.  I had a few metal folding chairs so I painted them. I am so bad about Before pics.  Here is the after: 

After painting those, I tackled a little stool that I bought for 5$ at a thrift store. 
I really wish i had taken a Before pic when it still had the cushion on it. Someone had literally taken a throw pillow and then screwed it onto the stool. It was very high and dangerous and unsteady.  I took that off and threw in the trash.  It was a dark brown color and I have some Valspar red that I wanted to use. I sanded the legs a little bit to help the new paint stick to it. I used a little foam brush and it worked great. It was 102 degrees out so it was drying pretty quickly.  I didn't use a primer but the existing brown base was good to have. After it dried completely , in less than an hour- I cut up a piece of red oilcloth that I bought last year.  I actually used 2 shammy cloths as a cushion and stapled them to the stool.  I didn't want it bulky and they were not too thick put together. 
Then I stapled the oilcloth over the dustrags using the industrial staple gun and staples.  It's kinda hard to get the edges around the stool legs.  I need more practice on that for sure. It was fun to do though and waterproof if I want to leave outside.  It's good to have plenty of seating at parties! 

My next project is to make some signs to nail to my tree in the front yard for the party. I grabbed some pieces of wood that someone had put out on the curb. Score for free wood!! 

Have a great day y'all. 


  1. Holli! They look great! I L-O-V-E the bright neon colors, they're just fun and eye catching.Also, I love Jax's photobomb in the background.
    And the stool is fab, I couldn't do that stuff if I tried. Look at you. Next stop- HGTV!

  2. Now, if you'd have just had Jax in a nice neon yellow...

  3. i love the orange painted yard! lol lol lol!
    ok and also...what is oil cloth?


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