Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Date nights and ALS ice bucket challenge

I had crazy sinus headache yesterday and I just didn't get around to posting on this ol blog. I worked from home in case I my headaches caused another big dizzy spells.  I'm back at the office today but still a little lingering headache is still there. Boo!  
I had a great weekend and while it was fun playing matchmaker with two of our friends, Todd and I had a wonderful date night ourselves.  We had dinner at one of my favorite Italian restaurants and then went to another one of my favorite places that is called The Balcony Club. Its really small and quaint and they have good bands every time i'm there.  The crowd is a much older mature crowd and I think that's what made it even more fun.  Almost everyone would get up and dance with no care in the world.  Todd and I danced and it just made my heart skip a beat.  I love to dance.  I think the last time we danced was at our wedding a year ago (minus 13 days).  The band played older songs from the 60's but great hits.   I told Todd how much that meant to me , to take me in his arms on the dance floor and it was very sexy!  He said that we would be doing a lot more of that.  Woohoo!! 
Date nights are so important for married couples.  We always go to dinner at least one night during the weekend but that's it. We rarely go out afterward to listen to a band or dance anymore.  It really re-charged me and i'm excited to that again.   If you're married- do you and your spouse have fun date nights? What do yall do to add spice?

Now if yall are on Facebook, Instagram, etc then you've all seen the thousands of people doing the ALS ice bucket challenge.  I cant even begin to say how I excited I am that ALS is getting this much exposure and donations through all this.   ALS took my most favorite person in the world and my hero- Poppy. I've mentioned him numerous times on my blog.  My Poppy was the most outgoing and spunky man I knew.  To see him trapped on the porch sitting in wheelchair while looking at his Harley brings tears to my face. I can barely type this now without flashing back to all the sadness and pain he and my family endured.  Your body deceives you and withers while your mind is still sharp as a tack.  Ok, I cant go on about this because I am crying at my desk.  Anyway, the challenge is to donate 10$ and pour ice bucket over your head or donate 100$.  I pray that everyone is truly donating and not just pouring the bucket.  Yesterday my brother texted me and told me to look up Charlie Sheen's challenge. I went to the internet and it came up immediately after typing his name.  Instead of pouring the ice water- he dumped a bucket of money over his head. He donated 10,000 dollars and then challenged a few more celebrities.  Charlie kinda went crazy in years past and has certainly had his share in the tabloids but man did he ever redeem himself in my book!!


Hopefully this link works for yall!   I have made donations every year to ALS and receive several pamphlets in the mail from ALS organizations in the states. I wont be needing to dump ice water on myself. 

Have a great day!


  1. I always liked Charlie!!
    I did the challenge - ice and we also will be donating. We are losing someone to this dreadful disease, so it's the very least we can do. And I am so thankful for all the attention this campaign has brought to ALS.
    I love to dance too. Imagine if the next charity thing is a Dance Off!!! That would be awesome.

  2. ALS is a horrible disease! Thank you for bringing attention to this great fundraising event. 'Love Rory's idea of a Dance Off! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. Like you, I hope the money pours in along with the ice water. Done properly, it is a great idea.
    My heart felt every tear reading this. A friend lost her husband to ALS. It's important people become educated on ALS to truly have compassion not just for the sufferer, but also for those who love them.
    As far as adding spice to mine and the man's life...I own stock in Morton's salt!


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