Friday, August 15, 2014

Its Friday!!

Friday's are the BEST because I get to work from home.  This means 30 minutes later on the alarm clock and working in my pajamas until I feel like getting dressed.  I also love that Jax doesn't have to go in his kennel and its almost always in my lap the whole day.
My mouth is very swollen and sore from yesterday.  I was there for 2 hours and left with the most raging headache ever. I hate the sound of drills while inside of my mouth! I look like  a chipmunk or  a squirrel with mouth full of nuts.  I am so happy that I can take it easy and not have to be in the office.  I do have to get dressed later this afternoon because I have to go to the Apple store and I have an appointment with the Genius Bar.  I feel there may be a post about that experience.  My iphone and ipad has the wrong Apple ID for my cloud. They have to reset it for me.  Wish me luck there!

What are your plans for this weekend? Tomorrow is our Free Shopping Day that our church sponsors. This is our 3rd one so far.  Its so awesome because families can come and get 10 articles of clothing a piece all for free. They get so excited and I love helping them.  We also have a prayer team there that is of course optional but if they have something on their heart that needs prayed over, its done.
Then tomorrow evening, Todd and I are having dinner in Dallas at one of my favorite Italian restaurants Scalini's.  We are actually setting up a friend of Todd's with one of my cousins. I am so excited and nervous and I hope its a match.  They have seen each other before at my Holliween party and my birthday party so its not completely blind. 

Have I told yall that Todd is playing the church band? This is his 3rd week so far and I love to watch him on Sunday's during worship. He is a drummer and most of our friends at church had no idea how good he is.  I am excited that  (a) Todd is involved in something with church and (b) he's able to play drums which is his passion.  Win Win!!   Its also kinda sexy to watch him play in the band. Oh wait sorry- we're talking about church band.  hehe!!

Have a great weekend y'all!!!


  1. I was going to say, is there a propriety issue here with calling the church band drummer sexy... but it IS your one-and-only, so I guess it's okay. I assume he doesn't play shirtless...

  2. I say sexy is the right choice! Lol! There really is nothing better than watching your man that does something he loves while at the same time worshipping Jesus. Winner winner!

  3. Have a great weekend! 'Sounds like wonderful plans! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


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