Tuesday, August 12, 2014

O Captain-My Captain! Rest in Peace Robin Williams

Last night I was on the couch with my husband just watching TV and I had my ipad in my lap.  I read someone's post on facebook about Robin Williams dead and I literally gasped out loud and yelled out to Todd. " Oh NO! Robin Williams died"!  We were actually watching the news but it had started before the news came in.  Throughout the evening, I was glued to the TV and my ipad (Facebook).
I really am still so stunned that such an amazing loving man is no longer with us. I have a few friends , some very very close to me that is on depression medication everyday.  I cant imagine feeling so low that the only good escape that sounds reasonable is to take your life.  Suicide and Depression are serious and its not anything to ever take lightly.
My mom and I both own Birdcage. Its our " Go TO" movie that we never get tired off and can watch over and over. We always watch it when we're together and that wont be any different next month when I visit Mom in Montana.
There has been some very touching and sweet moments coming out today from other celebs who knew Robin Williams.  If you are on Twitter- you need to read posts from Norm McDonald.  Conan O'Brien was visibly stunned and shocked as he was wrapping up his show last night and got the word. He was very respectful and showed class.  ( He's normally not one of my favorites).
I remember as a kid watching every single episode of Mork and Mindy. I looked so forward to the show coming on every week.  Remember when Mork made a guest appearance on Happy Day's ? Happy Days was another show I faithfully watched along with Laverne and Shirley.  Mork wanted to know about men dating women and was asking Fonzi. 
Is it silly that I have been sad all day and nearly on the verge of tears over someone in Hollywood?  I also think of the St Jude commercials with him in them and how they may not show those anymore.
Here are some of the pictures I've seen and posted on Facebook and Instagram.

What were your favorites?  I already said Birdcage but I loved Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting and that creeper scary one he did One Hour Photo and I cant leave out Popeye.

I was in 8th grade living in Coronado when Popeye came out. He of course played Popeye and Shelley Duvall played Olive Oyl.   It was such a fun movie at the time which brings back memories.

Do you remember his stand up album? It was a little rated R  but it was so funny.
So i'm rambling now as memories keep popping up with all his movies. 
Here is one of my favorite scenes from Birdcage.


  1. Nicely done tribute. Not much more to say. And I heard far too much on the press conf this afternoon.

  2. Nice tribute. This makes me so sad! And the Aladdin picture go me right in the heart. My two favorites are Aladdin (of course) and Mrs. Doubtfire. I could quote every line when I was a kid.

  3. I am gutted over it. Dead Poet's Society is why I decided to pursue writing and English Literature studies at university. His role in the movie started in fire in me that how burned low because others placed so little value on the very passion I loved. Words. After his performance in that movie, I knew I wanted to spend my life wrangling them. in some way. any way. I wanted to leave my verse.
    It's not silly ever to mourn greatness when it leaves us too soon.

  4. We were all stunned and saddened I think. Let's hope that Robin's passing can shed a light on depression and help those who don't understand it find compassion.

  5. ^^ OMG, another Marla blogger!?!? Wow

    Anyway. Beautiful tribute, my love. I have a lot to say, but I feel like I can't articulate it in the right way. <3

  6. It is very sad. I am still in shock. I feel so sad for the very dark place he must of been. We can look from beyond and think to ourselves who wouldn't have wanted to live his life....he reached stardom like so many desire but all the money in the world can't buy happiness. I started to list some of my favorites but I have to say I have loved them all. Just Google Robin Williams movies and the list goes on forever. All different and unique. He was one of a kind! He will be missed. I do like the way the world has embraced how serious mental illness is and I hope those who need help go out and get it.


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