Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sturgis trip- Hill City, Mt Rushmore, Deadwood Pt 1

Happy Thursday y'all!  I think some of the best way to describe my trip is to show pictures. I have A LOT!!! I will break it up and post the rest on next post.
My trip started on Friday , August 1 when I left my home by 4am to catch a 6 am flight on United. I flew into Denver with a short layover and landed in Rapid City , SD at 10am.
 Todd picked me up on the Harley, crammed my bag into the big tourpack bag and rode straight to Mt. Rushmore to meet up with our group. From there, we rode through Custer State Park where several movies have been made like Dances with Wolves.  We had lunch at a great little place that I cant remember name of in the park and then we rode through Needles Hwy. Lots of fun twists and turns and gorgeous scenery with some tunnels that were cool.  That was our first day of riding.
We stayed in a cute little town called Hill City that had a Harley shop and little neat stores and cafes. Our motel were little cabins and it was across the street from a pretty field with view of mountain/hill. We saw some deer walking through  often.

We thought it was funny that they called it Pop. Here in the South we say Coke regardless if its Pepsi or Dr. Pepper, etc.
The next day we drove through Spearfish Canyon , Deadwood and into the town of Sturgis. I'll pick up from there next post.   Have  a great day!!


  1. Looks like such a great trip....with amazing scenery!!!! Miss you!

  2. Man, looks like you had a blast... and we call it pop in Scrappyland, too..

  3. What GREAT photos! I'm so glad you had fun! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  4. I really enjoyed your pictures. I love Mt. Rushmore. I remember Custer State Park but that was over 30 years ago. I remember Prairie Dogs and Buffalo which I enjoyed seeing. Those cabins look really nice. Looks like a nice time with friends.


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