Monday, August 11, 2014

Sturgis trip pt. 2.- Deadwood and Sturgis

Good morning y'all! I had intentions of posting in Friday but there was a change in plans. I got to babysit 2 of my favorite little boys that belong to dear friend of mine and they kept me busy.  I had a project for them too to earn some money to buy Legos. I needed them to pick up as many sticks as they could so Jax wouldn't eat so many.  They picked up a bag a piece but I pointed out most of them.  Let's just say that they were not too thrilled in this project.  I even said that I would pay 10$ a bag but they barely filled 1 bag a piece.  The best part was that they played all day with Jax and wore him out!
Where's Jax? Hiding behind Avery . 

I let them jump through the sprinkler and they had a blast.  It took everything I had not to join them. I had to work. 

So picking up where I left off on my trip: 
After Todd picked me up from airport, we spent the day riding to mt Rushmore , needles highway and Custer State park.  We had lunch at the BlueBell lodge where they served cornbread for appetizer. So yummy! One thing about all the restaurants in this area is that they serve buffalo as a choice in steaks, burgers , etc.   I love buffalo. 
The next day on Saturday , we all headed out towards Spearfish Canyon and Deadwood. Now I was super excited for Deadwood because I loved it the last time. It's just such a neat historical western town that is fun and laid back. 
We drove thru Deadwood first and stopped on edge of Sturgis.  From there , we all split up. Some people wanted to go back to Deadwood to gamble because there were casinos there. A large part of the group wanted to go to Devils Tower in Wyoming which was just a little over 100 miles.  I didn't want to go because I saw it before and Todd's back was hurting a little.  The two of us went into Sturgis alone and parked on Main Street. It was so great because it wasn't too crowded yet so we stopped in most all of the stores and did our souvenir shopping. I bought a tanktop because it started getting really hot and not having the sleeves helped from my tshirt. 
After a few hours in Sturgis, Todd and I went back to Deadwood to spend some time there and we had an amazing dinner  in the Social Club.  We had our Date Night and had delicious steaks and and artichoke appetizer that was mouth watering. It used to be an old brothel.  Y'all need to read the history on Deadwood. The cool part was we were there on August 2 which was the day Wild Bill Hickok was shot.  
After dinner in Deadwood , Todd and I went back into Sturgis for some night life and we met up with a friend of Todd's from Dallas.  Just in 24 hrs there was a huge difference in how Many bikes were showing up. It was starting to get crowded and it was awesome to see all the beautiful bikes.  We left around 10pm and didn't get back to Hill City until 11. Everyone from our group gathered for a bonfire in the evenings and with other bikers in our motel. In fact we met 2 ladies from Winnipeg who rode with us during the whole weekend. Thats what's it all about! 
Sunday was our last day and mine ended  earlier when I had to go back to airport. We all as a group went back into Sturgis that Sunday because it was the first time for the others.  We had lunch there and i had an Indian taco that was awesome. 
After a few hours there, i got to airport early.  My layover in Denver got delayed by almost 2 hours and by the time I got home, it was 2 am.  Yucky way to finish a great vacation!  
So here are tons more pics: 


We are still in process of getting pics developed and swapped with the others so I can say that this is NOT the last you will hear or see of my trip.   Matter of fact, Todd made reservations for next year this morning. It will be the 75th anniversary next year. Woohoo!!


  1. Geez, You'd have went broke had you made that $10 a bag offer to me...

  2. It looks like you had so much fun.And I love that sign about tipping.

  3. What an awesome trip.....I think it should go on my bucket list, but is that realistic? Probably not, but a girl can dream!!!! That is awesome that you can already be looking forward to next year and a huge anniversary at that. Love and miss you guys!

  4. Looks like a fun day with the boys!
    I enjoyed all the pictures. Your trip sounds like it was awesome and a lot of fun. Also the food you ate sounds delicious. Sounds like a trip that you will never forget!


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