Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day weekend - Wedding Anniversary - i'm so tired

Hey y'all! Let's all do a cheer for a short work week. Woohoo!  So how was everyone's weekend? Mine was crazy busy and hectic and did I say crazy busy? Last Friday , Todd had to have some procedures that requires a driver there and back.  Oh man , was he ever funny drugged up on anesthesia! I truly wish I would have recorded him talking on our way home. Where he had to be was on other side of town and not too far  from the bakery who made our wedding cake.  So right when they took him back, I went to buy a small Italian cream cake that is the best ever.  We did not bother on keeping the first layer of cake from our  wedding cake as is tradition. We were living in apartment with very little freezer space and we also knew we were moving and didn't want the hassle. I prefer a freshly made cake and wanted it for our anniversary.
Here's our cake from the wedding:

Meanwhile later Friday evening, my stepson was playing high school football in a few towns over but we didn't make it. Todd was in bed by 8 pm.  Saturday morning, Todd listened to his voicemail and had message that Collin was in hospital with broken arm. We rushed over and was able to see him just minutes before they took him into surgery. He has broke his arm in 2 places and they had to put several pins and plates in his arm. This was very first week of school and very first game of the season. My heart just breaks for him. He's going to have a rough couple of months ahead. 
Later that afternoon, I left hospital because I had a baptism to go to. It was across town again. I put lots of miles on my truck this weekend.  Todd got home from hospital and I was done with the baptism around the same time and we met at a resturant for dinner. We had a party of 28 family members to celebrate my step- grandmothers 80th birthday . We had tons of fun and the food was awesome. It was at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants Esparzas.  When we finished dinner, Todd and I still weren't done with the evening. 
I can't remember if I had mentioned that we were setting up a good friend of mine with a friend of Todd's. It took a while for them to finally nail down a date and they wanted us to join them. We told them to get seated and order without us because we already ate but we would be there. Unfortunately , it was not a love connection. It was even kinda awkward to watch in action.  Todd's friend must have been very nervous because he drank too much and conversation was all over the place.  No sparks at all but at least we tried. My friend got out of the house and got to see us. Not a total bust. Haha! 
Sunday came around which was our actual anniversary date.  We went to church and I left after the first service. Todd plays in the band now so he has to stay for both services. Afterwards, he went to hospital to visit Collin who was being released later in the day and I went to my parents house to visit Rachelle before she flew back to Cali.   Todd and I both got home around 3 and we had dinner reservations at 5:30pm.   Dinner was outstanding!! I had ya 3oz filet and small lobstae tail and it was incredible. The resturant was so nice and brought out a huge piece of German chocolate cake for us because we mentioned it was our anniversary .  It was so delish and we were too full to have a piece of our wedding cake I bought.  

Yesterday , I made early appointment at our closest NTB and had my oil changed, and tires rotated and an alignment.  We were lazy most of the day and them went to our friends Debbie and Marks for a cookout. They're the ones who kept Jax for us during Sturgis so he got to come and have play date with his buddies.  He played so hard and slept all night through last night. He was tired! 
So now it's Tuesday and I'm so tired and didn't feel at all like we had a 3 day weekend.  I'm just thrilled that it's already September and I am going to Montana in 3 weeks to see mom. The countdown begins..... 
Have a great day! 


  1. What a weekend...I am tired just reading all of that and I am so glad that Collin is doing ok after the surgery. I watched that video that Todd posted...it was scary to watch! So glad that you finally got to enjoy your 3 Forks meal. And on a side note...I am sooooo glad that I am not the only one not making a love connection, but sorry that your matchmaking was not a success. :(

  2. Todd should suggest putting the music service in between the services... end of one, start of another! Yeah. logistics would be a beast, I know...

  3. That is really sad about Collin's arm. Sorry that the meet up of your friend's didn't work out. Your anniversary dinner sounds delicious. Sounds like a very busy weekend! I like a countdown to a vacation....something to look forward too!

  4. That got me exhausted reading it. I hope you sort of enjoyed the holiday weekend. Use this weekend to finally relax!


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