Friday, September 12, 2014

My horrible wonderful day

Last Saturday, I attempted to have a garage sale in my new neighborhood. Todd and I had it planned for a while and it was going to be our first sale to do together. Was is the operative word because on Friday last week, Todd was informed that he needed to work the entire weekend to assist in a huge warehouse project.  I had borrowed 3 tables from Daddy and I had 3 tables of my own to set up. Friday night, we worked hard on getting everything hung , priced and ready and I was ready to go.  Todd helped me carry out the heavy tables and on his way out, he put up the 2 signs I made to stick in the ground.  I just didn't have much traffic coming by and I think it had something to do with my signs falling down.
A couple hours in, these 2 ladies stopped by and one of them was holding a dog in their arms and he was being so good. Jax was when in the backyard with me and was being a total wild man when people came over. These ladies said they had just found him and picked him up because he almost got ran over as he was crossing the busy intersection that was up the road from me.  There happened to be a vet near that same intersection so they took him in there to see if maybe he got loose. The vet was not familiar with him and they scanned him to see if was microchipped which he wasn't.  The vet said they couldn't help or keep him and gave them a map to the closest shelter which didn't open for business until 11:00 am ( and it was only 9).  The ladies mentioned that they were not from around my area and didn't want to stick around or kill time for 2 hrs. I volunteered to watch over him and let him play in the yard with Jax until I had time to take him to the shelter. The ladies got me the map of shelter to take him to and they left very appreciative. 

A few hours later, Todd came home to help me close down the garage sale because there were lots of heavy items I cant do by myself and then he had to go back to work. I loaded up the dog in my truck and followed the map to Operation Kindness in nearby area.  I told them the story and they said I had to take him to the other shelter in my town. I asked then why did the vet lead me to them and its because they're a No -Kill shelter and said everyone sends pets there. Unfortunately, they only take animals if A. I have an appointment and B. its based on availability and they had no more room for more dogs. This is when I started crying at the counter.  He is so dang sweet, I couldn't imagine him being homeless.   Next, we drove to the other shelter across town where I had to re tell the story. I asked them if they could call me in a few weeks if no one claims him OR if I could foster him until he was claimed.  The shelter was very kind and they encouraged me to take him home to foster after they took his pictures, and created a case for him with my contact information.  Todd really liked him too when he came home to meet him.  So , I took him back to my house and so far its where he's been.  No one has claimed him and quite honestly , I don't know if I will give him up now. I spent over 80$ on Tuesday to buy him a brand new kennel, collar and leash and today we are taking him to the vet to see how old he is, if he is healthy, shots, etc.
Later that afternoon, after I came home from driving to the 2 shelters, I was sitting on my couch texting someone when I heard this loud BAM and then glass came crashing in through my front window and the end to my patio umbrella was in the house.  I ran outside to see if someone threw it and didn't see anyone. Then to make things worse, my garage door was open and I KNOW I closed it. Something must have triggered it to open back up but at this time, my fear was that someone ran in my garage and was now in my house while im in backyard looking for them.  I watch way too many scary movies and police TV shows!! Not gonna lie, I called Todd crying. Mostly because I was just so startled and scared. I was just 4 feet away but I didn't get hurt. I had TONS of glass to pickup which sucked and the dogs wanted to help ( be in my way).  Todd called glass repair and it they quoted 250$ for same day service on a weekend.  Um NO! So I did the nice white trashy step and duct taped a cardboard box to the outside and file folders in the inside. LOL- its all I could find but it worked. They came out Monday to repair for half the price.
My sale wasn't so great but I did still make 100$ which still didn't cover the window but oh well. 

A friend came by to visit during the sale and she noticed my eye had big bloody spot on it. Great!! I never had this happen before either. It was a broken blood vessel and its almost gone today.  Have you had that happen?
So my imagination has run wild about our new dog we named Opie.  Jax is from a TV character on Sons of Anarchy and Opie was his best friend- so we have Jax and Opie now.  What if the previous owner dropped him off in front of the vet because something is wrong with him and they cant afford treatment?  What if he's sick? He's been eating well and playing great with Jax.  Opie cowers way too much though. If I go to pick him up, he cowers- if I walk towards him, he cowers.  Something tells me that he was not treated so well which is also why i'm not giving him up!

Our vet appointment is at 3:30 central for both my boys. Checkup for Jax and checking out Opie. Fingers crossed and prayers that both are healthy boys! I wont be able to relax until I know Opie's ok. What kind of dog do you think he is? I see Jack Russel and also Beagle and maybe a little chihuahua? I don't know. 

Have a great weekend too everyone.  We are taking it easy this weekend especially since Todd has worked 13 days straight.  Oh, and i'm traveling to Detroit next week for business so i'll try to make a post or two from the hotel room. 


  1. That was very generous of you to take Opie in. Hope everything goes well. So sorry about your window, that is crazy. Also sorry you didn't have a great turnout for your garage sale. I do hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. You know I've been following the Opie story. I think some child was sad that a parent was mean to the dog and prayed for him to be in a better place, and God found the best. Hope the child don't need prayed for as well.

  3. I love Opie's story! My best guess on breed is Rat Terrier, my favorite! 'Very intelligent! Jax needed a brother anyway, right? They are so cute snuggling! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  4. I'm so glad that you are going to keep Opie & I'm so glad that you are safe (minus the eye - I had to cover that picture with my hand while reading this - it made my eye hurt - lol). I wish you a safe trip to Detroit (you'll be near me - I'm in Monroe - about an hour south) - Have fun & please don't judge the state of Michigan by Detroit (Michigan is a beautiful state but unfortunately Detroit is no longer in that beautiful category )

  5. You're wonderful to give that sweet dog a home! We've become the neighborhood cat people-two of our cats belonged to two different neighbors who just moved off and left them. I'm a softie and just had to take care of them!

  6. He'a a cute dog! So nice of you to take him in and take care of him like that..


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