Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Take on me- Take me on

Hey y'all - Happy Tuesday!! I had every intention of blogging again last week since I had the time on vacation. However Sprint had other ideas. I have never been so mad at a phone carrier before!  I have also been a very loyal customer to them for 12 long years.  Mom doesn't have a computer, laptop nor does she have internet access.  I brought a mi-fi which worked until it died a few days later and I didn't have the charger to it.  I landed on Saturday the 20th and I used my phone sparingly but I did post a picture on facebook here and there when I had service. As we drove thru Yellowstone, of course there are no towers and any service was pretty sketchy. No prob, I just put my phone on plane mode and only used it for pictures. On Tuesday night I started receiving texts and emails from Sprint warning that I had used all my usage date and that I was going to be suspended.  Keep in mind, I rarely was on the phone ( i'm in Montana for pete's sake visiting mom) and I have visited mom several years with no problems with my phone.  So Wednesday morning I called Sprint and explained to them that I was in Nowhere Montana with very little service but if I needed my phone I would use it.  They said that they only started enforcing the usage data plans effective September 1 and so they were sticking to it. However, they said they could request just once a courtesy re-instatement but to be mindful of my usage.  Ironically, each text and email I received about my usage said for me to log into my account to verify my usage.  Um yeah- you went over your usage so log in and use more usage.  Fast forward several hours later that day on Wednesday, I got a text saying that I was off suspension and my usage had been freed up.  Ok good. I still didn't get on until later that evening and only to post a few more pics on facebook via instagram.  I was probably only on my phone an hour tops and with very little usage.  Thursday morning , yep I was suspended again.  Now how can I go from Saturday to Wednesday and reach my usage but this time it took less than 24 hours?  I was so frustrated!  My opinion is just charge me- but don't suspend me. I could have been a situation where I needed to look up something such as our hotel reservations, plane reservations,etc and not had access to my information. Needless to say, my contract is up next month and you can bet that I will be switching providers as soon as possible.
Today is mom's birthday and I am so glad I got to spend last week with her and celebrate. I got her a gift certificate at one of her favorite restaurants in Helena and I bought her some clothes, a cute witch figurine and several pralines from her fave Mexican place in Dallas.  It was very hard to say goodbye to her when she dropped me off at the airport. I cry everytime! As we both get older and her health continues to deteriorate, its heart wrenching.  Todd and I are planning to visit as soon as the snow thaws next year around May or June. 
I have so many more pictures to share with yall from my trip in Montana and Wyoming so maybe I can post tomorrow or Thursday . You know how it is when you've missed a week of work. I'm buried in emails and projects so I got to get back but I just wanted to post quickly on my lunch hour and explain that I missed blogging last week and I missed yall!
Jax was so so so happy that i'm home from my trips.  He followed me around last Friday when I got home all day and would cry if I left the room for a minute. I carried him everywhere and he was so cute when I was unpacking, he jumped in my suitcase. 

Have a great day!!


  1. 1- That dog is in BLISS!

    2- Once again, I have to repeat what I said on my Saturday post- "I'm good with my simple phone!"

  2. Aaaww... I love that last photo of you and Jax! How sweet! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. Jax is SOOOOOO happy Mommy is finally home. As for Sprint, yeah, it's time to switch. I've loved all the pics you've posted so far. Cant wait to see some more. Glad you had a great time with your Mama, she's very lucky to have you.

  4. Cute doggie pics!

    I have had Sprint and T-Mobile in the past and hated both. Even though Verizon is more expensive I still think they are the best for coverage areas.


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