Thursday, September 11, 2014

We Remember- We will NEVER Forget!

Good morning y'all! I seriously have had every intention to blog sooner this week but I have been crazy busy at work and at home.  I have missed my blog and I've missed all of you who read it!
Today's not any different on being busy so this wont be a long post. I just wanted to stop in and say hi and say that i'm OK and I will be back tomorrow.

Today of course is a monumental day in US history and one that brought much pain and fear.  Our country has never been the same since but we also saw strength in everyone banding together.
I think I post this same video every year but it NEVER gets old.  I tear up every.single. time I watch it.  Budweiser only aired it just a few times as a show of respect and not to commercialize it too much.

Today also happens to be my 19th work anniversary. Hoping that I can celebrate my 20th year with the same company next year.
Have a Blessed day y'all! Hug your friends and family- never take a single minute, day or loved one for granted. 


  1. The video is so beautiful.....thank you so much for posting it. I will never forget!

  2. Congrats on 19 years at same company!

    Yes, we will never forget Sept 11. As a NewYorker this day brings back so many memories.

  3. That commercial gets me every. freaking. time. Happy work-aversary! 19 years!?!?! Thats amazing, and shows great loyalty to your job! <3 <3


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