Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Antiques and weddings

Hey yall! Last Saturday I drove to Quitman to visit my most awesome 87 yr old grandma (Nanny). It's a 2 hr drive one way and so I leave in the morning to spend more time with her. Just up the road is a small town called Mineola that has some of my favorite antique stores. 
I wasn't able to take picture of everything I bought but some of my favorites at least. I bought a very cute 70's floral bedspread with pompon trim. It's real bright and I love it! That's 2 new bedspreads in 2 weeks. Oh well! It was in the linen closet when I was taking pictures. 
I grabbed this hanging basket and bought some small pumpkins to put in there. 
 I bought this small lampshade that I'm going to decorate with cut up strips of fabric. 
I found 2 spools of vintage Halloween ribbons. 
I bought this old vintage doll that's both pretty yet creepy. She doesn't bend so I'll prop her up on a wine bottle for the party. 
I am most excited about my old fashioned metal trash can with lid. Most all places and locations use plastic and these are what I grew up with. I'm going to use it to put the soft drinks in for the party and then to store Halloween decorations in.  
Here are some things I didn't buy but kinda wished I did. 
I feel like I NEED a Willie Nelson purse made from an album. 
It was a cool feather thing that you could wrap around neck like a shawl it maybe as a belt on skirt. I don't know but I loved it!! 
This vintage stuffed clown looked creepy and I almost bought it. 
I liked this burlap jackolantern. It seems easy enough to make if I had the time. 
I also liked the burlap spooky banner. I didn't have room for it with all my other decorations. 
Nanny is holding up a cute tray we saw that was on the pricey side but I want to do something similar. Nanny makes a cute Vanna.  So we had tons of fun and I love hearing stories from Nanny on some of the antique pieces we came across. 

On Sunday I had a wedding to go to after church. My young cousin on my dads side got married and the ceremony was so sweet.  Here are some pics from the wedding. 
Me and the bride Jean
Father of the bride Larry

My cousin Jessica was matron of honor 

First dance with James the groom

It was really nice and was catered by a yummy BBQ place and the cake was divine!! 
Todd joined the wedding but left to go back to work once the reception started. 
It was a great weekend and so good for my soul to see nanny. Hope yall had a great weekend. 


  1. You look good with a man wearing a top hat!

  2. What a lovely wedding! I really want to make the SPOOKY banner! How cute! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. For the record-you can never have too many purses made from albums...

  4. You found some awesome items!
    Looks like the wedding was fun. I enjoyed the pictures.


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