Tuesday, October 28, 2014

HOLLIween 2014

Its already Tuesday- wow! Its funny that I spent so much time planning on the party that on Sunday, I felt like I should be doing something for the party.  It was another very successful evening of fun with friends.  There was a great turnout and of course people who came last year couldn't make this year but we had new people show up so it all evened out.  One thing I didn't do a lot of which is aggravating is that  I was so busy being the hostess, that I didn't take many pictures. Matter of fact I think I lost my phone at least 10 times that night.
We had a keg a beer and I made a very yummy Sangria. I had chili and queso and cheese and crackers and salami's, and lots of people brought some yummy dips. No one went hungry or thirsty that's for sure.
This year Todd and I dressed up as Dog the Bounty Hunter and I was his wife Beth.  We had a themed for everyone to dress up as any character from TV or a movie.  There were a few that strayed from the theme but my goal was just to have them dress up so it was awesome.
Here are some pictures that I did manage to get from Todd or my phone.
Too many cameras - no one knows where to look

Girls only photo

Clay and Gemma from Sons of Anarchy. He even had the mouth piece and Gemma had the chest scar.

Some more pumpkins I did with hardware, earrings and stickers

Bruce Wayne and Cat lady

grabbed some hay and firewood from Dad's. We had smores later on.


I am so happy with how it all turned out and i'm already thinking of ideas for next year. I'm starting earlier next year for sure!! I am also still receiving pictures from others so I may need to post another one on this topic. 
 I sure hope our new neighborhood has lots of kids for trick-or-treating this Friday. The apartments we moved from didn't have any and I was so bummed. The front yard is decorated really cute and i'm leaving it up until after Halloween so the kiddos can see it.  Did yall go to any Halloween parties this year? 
I have so much to tell you in my next post about my new dog I rescued...... Stay tuned!  Have a great afternoon.  xoxo


  1. Love it! Those are some great outfits. Halloween is the most fun holiday!

  2. Glad to see Todd didn't have to work that night...

  3. I love it when adults aren't too cool to still dress up and act silly! Halloween is the perfect time to set the kid in all of us free! Loved your costumes and btw...you look fabulous as a blond!

  4. Looks like a great turnout for your party. Love all the costumes. I really enjoyed Fred and Wilma since it was one of my favorites when I was young. So glad you had a fun time!

  5. Oh my goodness, you and TTodd had an amazing turnout! I have to admit, I had no idea who the two of you were dressed up as, I've never seen that show! But, you looked awesome! Clay and Gemma looked fantastic, too! He really looks a lot like him. So glad you had a successful party!


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