Tuesday, October 21, 2014

HOLLIween crafts

I have a list of things I have to get done every night leading up to the party.
My first project of the night was glueing magnets to some plastic bugs for my lampshade. I like the way it turned out! They were super easy to make. 

Then I started on decorating my pumpkins. I have 5 real ones and 3 foam ones to decorate and I got 2 of them done last night.  I used earrings, buttons, hardware , and Halloween
decorations. Nothing is safe around the house right now. LOL. 
I kinda like them - what do you think? 

My friend Debbie bought us this cute shower curtain for the guest bathroom and it's so cute! It's glow in the dark too. 

I made my destination arrow signs last night, now I just have to nail them to the tree tonight. Pictures will be tomorrow for that. 
 I was at target the other day and I can never resist playing with some of the cute accessories.  What's funny is when I first saw the red thing, I seriously thought it was a hair style like the Heat Miser from the Christmas cartoon. I laughed out loud at myself when I realized it is a beard and mustache. Heehee.  Maybe that means I have a creative mind. 

Did anyone else watch the Nightmare before Christmas last night?  ABC is doing 13 days until Halloween . I love it and wish I could find my DVD. This is the Boogey Man song.

And thats all I've got for today.  Hope you have a great Tuesday. 


  1. I love those glasses, and the pumpkins look great. Hope you have a great day!

  2. Re: the beard

    You obviously were Yosimite Sam deprived as a child...

  3. Those glasses fits you face perfectly! Hahahahahahaha. Everything looks fantastic so far, can't wait to see all the decorations. I love that you embrace HOLLIween! <3 <3

  4. The bugs on the lampshade are so creepy-clever! 'Love it! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  5. Cool decorations. I love Halloween!

  6. I love your decorations. The spiders on the lamp came out really cute!


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