Thursday, October 2, 2014

And the Raven, never flitting, still is sitting

Hey guys, I've still been swamped at work and I have a quick break so I wanted to post more pics of Montana. I cant believe this week has flown by so quickly and thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.
Hope all is well in blog land for my friends and followers. 

Mom has chipmunks that live in her wood pile on porch. She feeds them well.
Lady of the Rockies- look her up. Butte Montana- Shes awesome!
Deers match the field
wild horses
We had a picnic in Yellowstone park- this is Mom and Sydney
Have you ever seen red mushrooms? There was a whole patch of them.
Raven standing tall
And there were 2 -Ravens
Taking off in flight , crossing the street right over us
Very proud of this pic with my phone
Look closely but both are on the tree. One at top and one on left branch in the middle
Antler arches are on all 4 corners of the square in Jackson Hole
Famous bronze cowboy sculptor made by Bud Boller. Mom worked for him when she moved to Wyoming. he was great family friend.
Don't feed the bears. hehe  ( art in Jackson)
Um, just a little Grand Tetons humor...
This was a service dog on our plane. The guy was mean and onry that morning to others but nice to her.
When boarding and departing the plane in Jackson hole, Wy.- You have to go down the steps and walk down the runway into the terminal. This was 7:20 am and sun coming up over the mountains. Gorgeous!
Grand Tetons

Seeing the ravens were a really big deal.  You see, Mom's only tattoo is of a raven and I am planning on getting the exact same one on the back of my neck very soon. We had intentions of pulling over in the park at a shady spot to have lunch so that mom can be in the shade. At some point, we ran out of shade and just pulled over. That's when we saw the ravens.  I truly believe they were they for me and mom.



  1. Like the poem piece... Love the pics, of course you know that from FB. The red mushroom looks like the tan one I posted last week, except of course for color. Take a breath and enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks Chris, I am excited to start decorating the house for Halloween. That's always fun!! I thought that mushroom was the coolest.

  2. What wonderful photos! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. Thanks Marci!!! At least I was able to use my camera on my phone during my trip.

  3. Loved seeing your pictures, thank you for sharing them. Looks like you had a nice time. Love the T-shirt.....did you buy it?


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