Thursday, October 30, 2014

My new shelter dog Lila and our rocky start

Last Thursday I had 2 friends that were sharing a shelter facebook page over and over. I should have just passed over but I stopped to look at the available dogs they had. This particular shelter is over capacity and were lowering their normal adoption fees more than half.  The dogs were also spayed or neutered and micro-chipped. I just had to register her micro chip online (55$ lifetime).  I came across this sweet face who  they named Sweets and was in love instantly. She was listed as a Chihuahua mix which is exactly what Jax is.  The problem was that I was at work and was about a good 45 minutes away from the shelter. Its first come first serve and a lady had commented above me that she was on her way.
 When I got home that evening I sent a private message to the shelter group asking for best way to reach them because I only got an automated message when I called. I didn't want to drive all the way  over there the next morning if she was gone. They replied back to me after 6 which is when they close and said she was still there. I was so excited! I had sent the picture to Todd asking her what he thought and if we could have her and he was OK with it.
So I had already taken last Friday off to finish decorating and getting ready for my party. I certainly didn't plan on driving a few towns over to adopt a dog.  Before I had left, the lady who was also interested had actually gone to the pound but wanted to bring her dog the next day to have a meet and greet with each other. She commented again that she was on her way.  I was the first person there when they opened and they grabbed her and put us in a little room so that we could get to know each other.  She was very curious and checked out the room because there was cat toys and a cat scratching post in there. I picked her up and held her for a minute and then I put her down. She walked to the door and then came back to me and jumped on my knees to pick her back up. That was it. I was in love and knew she wanted some attention and to be loved.  I paid for her and we were on the road less than an hour total.  I am not so sure she's a Chi mix though. She looks like a combo of Miniature Pinscher and Dachsund in my opinion.
I called Todd and we decided to name her Lila.  Lila is also a character off Sons of Anarchy like Jax.
Its kind of funny why we named her that. Lila on the show was a porn star and had had a rough life. She was married to Opie who got killed last season. She no longer stars in the movies but is the producer and director of the films and is kind of turning her life around for the good.  My little Lila has had a litter of puppies in her past life. Its obvious by looking at her little boobies. She was abused in the fact that there is a permanent dent in her neck where she must have had a collar that was too tight for too long and she has issues.  Lila will be spoiled rotten and have a good life once we can get her straightened out.  Friday was miserable. She screamed and howled like I've never heard when I would go outside to decorate the yard. She bit Jax and was way too aggressive towards him. She became very attached to me and wouldn't let him near me. If I picked him up she totally lost her mind! She jumped and screamed. I was in tears. To add to it she got out of the backyard twice from under the fence. She ran away when I opened the door and took off. I hadn't had her an hour and i'm chasing her down the straight screaming and crying. She doesn't come to any name yet ( then) and ran into the street. A white SUV SLAMMED on his brakes and almost ran over her. She ran back to the sidewalk and kept running and then down an alley. I was bawling my eyes out and huffing and puffing because I am too fat to be chasing her. She showed up in the alley from another yard and let me pick her up and carry her home.  When she got out from the yard, she at least ran to me and not away.
Lila is very sick. She coughed and threw up the whole night and I was exhausted. I took her to the vet and was there by 8am when they opened.  Because I was having my party and certainly hadn't planned on having a new dog, I had made arrangements for Jax to have a sleepover with his friends where he stayed when I went to Sturgis.  The vet boards for the night but they're not open on Sunday's which meant we had to leave Lila there until Monday morning.  The vet said she didn't throw up once. She wasn't home 5 minutes when she did her hacking like she had a fur ball in her throat.  Lila is having trouble breathing, she has a runny nose and she gags nonstop primarily right when we go to bed. Its terrible. She will be in somewhat deep sleep and then sit up and cough so loud. I haven't slept this whole week.  Todd is taking her to vet today because we cant do another night of this.  Y'all, I love this little girl and pray that she has nothing serious.  Lila is skin and bones and you can feel her whole spine. The shelter said she was between 2 and 4 years old. We have no idea what she's been through.  Jax is also sneezing now and choking and so she may be contagious. 
When I brought her home on Monday from picking her up, she was like night and day compared to the Friday before. She still doesn't like Jax all that much but she's calmer and not aggressive.  Todd met her for the first time Monday because he had worked another all-nighter and didn't come home Saturday until after I dropped her off at vet.

They both insist on sitting on me

Lila loves climbing in our laundry basket. So cute!

At our meet and greet in Shelter

I cant wait for her to be fattened up and playing and running like a happy dog.  Prayers please.


  1. Congrats on your new addition to the family! I didn't even make the SOA connection when I saw on IG you named her Lila. Duh. I hope and pray that you and Todd are exactly what the doggie doctor ordered, and she gets through this tough time. It sounds like she was definitely abused in her past life, and that devastates me. I can't imagine, that ppoor little pooch. Things will get easier, it sounds like she needs some good TLC from her new mama and papa. No doubt, once she feels better, Jax will show her who the man of the house is! Love you <3

  2. Cute pup! Congrats on the new dog and so great that you rescued her from a shelter. Sounds like you will giver her all the love and caring she will need to have a great new life!

  3. Is she allergic to something around your house?

  4. She is so sweet. I hope they can figure out what is wrong. Keeping her and Jax in my prayers.


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