Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Oceans by Hillsong

Hey guys, I don't feel good today ( fighting off migraine) and i'm kinda blue. My dad is back in hospital and i'm just sad. Too much drama and sadness going on around me and its affecting me.
When i'm really down my songs of worship truly help me.  Sometimes I don't have the right words to say while praying and songs seem to say it just right and comfort me.
Hillsong is a wonderful Christian band and our church band plays several of their songs at church. We had a guest singer a few weeks ago and she sang like an angel. They performed this song and I wish I had a recording of it. So this is the original which I like a lot.

This version is kinda long but there are actually longer versions. 

Have a Blessed Wednesday!

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  1. ((HUGS)) Keeping you in my prayers and continuing to pray for your dad.


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