Thursday, November 6, 2014

People need help all year- Not just thru the holidays

I have often wondered why you always see a large increase of  coat drives, sock drives, food drop-offs, etc during the holidays.  I understand that there is more time for reflection such as how hard it is for people to have a tree, presents, and all that goes along with the holiday.  Don't get me wrong, anytime people can donate and help others is always a good time.  I have volunteered to feed the homeless for the last 13 years on Thanksgiving Day. I have so much fun and I get to use my old waitressing skills for the day. Ha!  To see the same faces is a joy and I wouldn't trade one of their hugs for anything.  Some people have asked why I let them hug me when they havent showered and they may have a certain smell to them.  Shoot, I am sweaty and have food all over me and don't consider myself any cleaner than them. I'm a hugger!  I have made a choice this year -I have decided to not do it this year. Last year was my first year to be married and I had a family to be with but I still insisted on volunteering.  This year I want to spend it with my husband and family and truly appreciate the holiday and all I have to be thankful for. 
I am pretty active taking in donations of clothing all year long for our church clothes closet. Y'all have read my posts on those days that we set up out church to resemble a department store, and our community can come in and go shopping for free.  I'm taking guitar lessons from the director of Metro Relief which is an organization that takes care of the homeless everyday.  Last night, we talked about the holidays coming up and I asked where they serve on Thanksgiving day. He said, that's the one day they DONT because so many companies, churches, and organizations jump on bandwagon and do their one day of volunteering. That really made me think.  Again, please know that this is just a personal choice for me. I want to be someone that tries to make a difference everyday. Not just one holiday of the year.
I have gone downtown a few times with various groups and handed out food and clothing to the homeless on a weekend. I loved it. One day it was so crazy hot during a summer day and we all sat together under a table umbrella and prayed. It was very moving.  I hope to get more involved but I do what I can right now.  Another shopping day is actually coming soon and I work all day at the church. I get to count the clothes, bag them up, help them shop and sometimes hold their cute babies while they shop.
Are you involved in any charities? Do you volunteer? I would love to know about it.
Have a great day!
Let us remember those less fortunate this Christmas.Thankful.

Monday Mantra // someone else is praying for the things you take for granted.Sitting with the poor and less fortunate people removes the ego and pride from your heart. ~ Ibn Al Qayyim.!


  1. I admire the amount of volunteer/charity work you do! Both you and Todd are so very selfless in the amount of work and time you put in volunteering for your church. So often, I think we stigmatize or stereotype those less fortunate, and don't take into account how they got there. I'm glad you are taking a year off from your volunteering and enjoying the holidays with your family <3

  2. Other than the monthly "tithe" to whatever good cause comes up that month, we are sponsoring our second kiddo from Guatemala. We took one from 8 to about 16 I think.


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