Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Good morning, today i'm back with From this Side of the Pond for the weekly Hodgepodge.

1. What is one new holiday tradition you'd like to establish, or one you've established recently, say in the last year or two?
 A few years ago I went to new york for macys parade. I went into Tiffanys and the only thing I could afford was a snowflake charm. I went to macys and bought a chain.  I wear it now every year from thanksgiving day until day after Christmas sometimes until new year.

2. It's the second week of December. Have you sipped a cup of eggnog yet this month? Wrapped a gift? Opened a gift? Kissed someone under the mistletoe? Lit a candle? Eaten a Christmas cookie? Seen Santa in person? Watched a Christmas movie or special? Read scripture relating to the birth of Jesus?
  I don’t drink eggnog. I have put gifts in gift bags ( I don’t wrap), I did open a gift , I haven’t found any mistletoe, I light candles every day when I get home from work, I had a Christmas cookie exchange at our pastors wife this past Sunday and had my share of cookies, I saw Santa in person also at church, I‘ve watched a few Christmas specials- the Rockefeller Tree lighting and Santa Claus is coming to town cartoon, I read scripture every morning.

3. Do you think it's better to be an adult or a child at Christmastime? Explain.
 A child. The delight and joy and wonderment of the lights and the tree and the presents is so wonderful. There's no stress of having to provide gifts like adults have

4. It's often said, 'Good things come to those who wait'...agree or disagree? Why?
  I absolutely agree. I waited for 46 years to find the one and only man that God intended for me to have as my husband .  I had family give up on me because I had never married and was an old maid. Haha

5. What's the last sweet thing you baked? Did you keep it, take it to a party/event, or give it away?
 I baked cookies for the cookie exchange mentioned above. I will admit that they were premade frozen cookie dough that all I had to do was pop in the oven.

6.  This question comes to us courtesy of Jhona who blogs over at The Red House at the End of the Lane. Everyone hop over and say hi to Jhona this week!  Here is her question... "I heard an actor talk about how he makes a conscious choice to talk to people in elevators.  He chooses to connect, make eye contact, and converse. Do you talk to people/strangers when you're in an elevator or any other place where you might have to wait together? Why or why not?"
Depends on where the elevator is.  When I travel for work, I try not to be too chatty in the hotel elevator. Safety reasons I guess but I just don't want anyone knowing I'm alone , out of state on business.  If I'm in an office building , I do talk to others because you never know who you're riding with. It could be the CEO of the company or  manager that you're there to see

7. Are you on the naughty or nice list this year? What put you there?
Depends on who you ask. Hahaha.  My husband tends to catch the side of my grumpiness and bad moods and so I feel naughty sometimes from the way I act.  I do try to volunteer and help my church and community as much as I can which helps me go on the nice list.  I try my best and I'm far from perfect.  

8. Insert your own random thought here.
 I'm starting to feel the holiday stress creep up on me as we approach closer and closer to Christmas.  I've GOT to mail my families package to Montana or else they won't get it until close to New Years .   We had Christmas cards made and I never sent them out.  Deep breaths- breathe in , breathe out . Oh and last night was the finale of the show Sons of Anarchy. I am really bummed that it ended. I got attached to those fictional characters. LOL


  1. I love that you found your husband when you were 46...God always has a plan!

  2. Girl, I am trying not to let the stress eat me alive this holiday happens every year and I am determined to enjoy things this year! What did you think of the finale of SOA???

  3. I bet your snowflake charm from Tiffany's is beautiful! I live about an hour from NYC but have never been to the Macy's parade. I love to watch it from home though :)

  4. I love your charm story. I have jewelry that I have bought on my travels and the grandchildren love to hear the stories when I wear them

  5. Your number 4 is a perfect example! I wouldn't have thought about the elevator scenario you mentioned, though I am always very aware of my surroundings. We do have to be careful, though not fearful.

  6. I think we can wrap this up with, "I just hope Christmas is better than Thanksgiving was..."

  7. Cookie exchanges are fun, but I really love cookie dough. I wonder if anyone has ever had a cookie dough exchange? ;-) Maybe I should host the first! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  8. That must have been fun seeing the Macy's parade. Love how you bought the charm and wear it every year! God is good and everything is in His time. Relax, you will get it all done. I am usually done by now and I just started. Trees and house will be decorated by Christmas Eve. Cookies will get baked, cards will get sent too. I'm not letting it stress me out. I have 25 people we send to which go out to about 7 houses. I switched over to gift cards a few weeks back and it is so much easier. Of course I still have to buy them and get them mailed.....LOL


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