Thursday, December 4, 2014

Music moves me!

Happy Thursday y'all!! Its been a very busy week for me at work and its flown by. I'm glad tomorrow is Friday.  This Saturday , i'm going to a Junk sale and going to see a few of my sweet friends that are so creative. I cant wait!! 
I think I've mentioned before that Todd is the drummer for our church band. He loves it and I love him doing it! There is a church that shares our same building but has their services on Saturday nights and their band is called No Regrets. They are such a great band and have a few CD's even. Todd really likes them and had mentioned that if they ever need a backup drummer , to consider him. Well, this Saturday he gets to fill in. The original drummer is out of town and they called Todd. He's so excited!  Then he has to still play 2 services on Sunday for our church. He has a lot of practicing these next few days.
Do you have anything fun planned this weekend? 
I'm posting today about music because I just simply cant live without it. I play music every morning while I get dressed for work and put my makeup on, I listen to more when I get in my truck on way to work, and I listen to it from my laptop while at my desk. Right now, i'm watching the Tv show The Voice and so I even get my music fix in the evenings.  I love that I have such a wide variety of songs on my ipod and that I can listen to a hard core rock song and then next song is a Christian song.
I post a lot about music because its who I am.


  1. You know you ain't alone on THAT one...

  2. I hear ya on that. I live, work, and play with music in the background. Could not live without great tunes!

  3. I have always loved that Marley quote. We went to see johnnyswim last night here in Waco and it was sooo good. Now that music moves you. If you have not listen to them you need to give them a spin.

  4. How awesome that Todd gets to fill in on Saturday. Enjoy your junk sale! I do love music but don't play it as often as I should. I always have movies playing while I am on my computer. Of course this time of year I listen to Christmas music all the time.

  5. There are so many amazing songs! I love the quotes you chose! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


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