Thursday, December 18, 2014

My Christmas HOLLIday party

This past Tuesday night I hosted a "girls night in" dinner party.  Weekends are so crazy with parties, shopping, decorating, and more that I decided to have it on a week night. I just told the girls to come over when they got off work.  I served tacos with a build your own bar with all the fixings.  I had dips and chips for appetizers and my friend Debbie made s crab Rangoon dip for us to try.
A friend had posted on my Facebook page last week a fun drink called The Grinch.  I saved it because I knew it would be perfect to serve at party. I bought all the ingredients the day I saw the post.  It's like a punch. It has juice and sprite in it. It was soooo delicious! 
Here's the recipe from Pinterest.
  I  have a leak in my drink dispenser so we could use it to make the punch but we would have to get it out from the top and not the nozzle. The funny thing was that I couldn't find my soup ladle anywhere.  One of the girls  found my turkey baster and said we can use this.  So we did. Hahaha! It took a while to fill 9 cups but it worked. I bought a ladle yesterday on lunch hour so no more turkey baster for drinks.
 We grabbed a Grinch hat from my collection and put it on the jar.

My friend Diana and my cousin Jadona both have birthdays this week and so I bought a red velvet birthday cake and grabbed 2 candles for them each to blow out.  They were very surprised that I included their birthday celebration with my Christmas party.  Everyone was happy and thanked the girls for having a birthday so they could have yummy cake. 
I had 8 friends make it so there was 9 including me. 
I made them all a gift bag that included  a mason jar with lid that I put 2 Christmas fortune cookies ( they are red or green and I ordered from oriental trading co), a gingerbread twix candy bar, a cute decorative  Christmas kitchen towel , and a small bottle of booze. I bought the cute airline travel bottles of various kinds and I had some that were in shape of round Christmas balls that were martinis. 
As I looked around the room with all these ladies around me, I couldn't help getting choked up because I'm so very blessed. These gals are so special to me. Some I've known for over 25 years and some I've only known for 2 years but I love them all.  
Since it was a work night, everyone was gone but one person by 8:30 pm.  It was a perfect night with friends and laughs and still able to be home at a decent hour.  It's a huge compliment when my friends texted me yesterday and loved all the rest of the gals. Some of my friends didn't know each other but they all enjoyed each other. 
Everyone got to meet Lila for the first time. Most have already met Jax. He was in someone's lap somewhere when I took this pic.  They are rotten!

Not sure I'm going to post tomorrow. I have a very busy day. A friend of mine is moving tomorrow and Saturday and I'm helping her tomorrow. Then tomorrow evening, I am volunteering at Metro Relief  Toys for the community. I'm not sure what I will be doing but they needed volunteers from 5 to 8.  I already addressed 100 invitations and mailed them out this week for them. 

Have a wonderful weekend and be safe!  Spread JOY when you can. 


  1. What a fun evening! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Thank you again for having was a fun night and The Grinch was the bomb!!!!! Love you!

  3. The Grinch cocktail in the mason jar looks awesome!

  4. That drink sounds yummy. I just found it and pinned it! Love all the photos. Looks like a fun party!
    They are lucky to have you in their lives.....


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