Thursday, December 11, 2014

My junkin' weekend

Last weekend I went to a junk show in Keller, TX hosted by Mistress of Junk.  I grabbed my brother-n-laws girlfriend Paula on the way there because they live a few minutes from where it was.  I was really excited about going because 2 of my most favorite junkers in the world were going to be there.  I've mentioned both of these ladies before on my blog because I do try to support them as best as I can , even if its just word of mouth.  Robelyn's business is Redneck Chic and Debbie's is Talking Trash.  They are both so crazy talented and can make the biggest heap of junk look like it came out of a magazine. 
The bad thing about this post is that I didn't take many pictures.  People are kinda funny anyway about taking pictures of their booths. Unfortunately, people go home and try to duplicate their work and then sell it as their own.   I bought a lot of stuff and Paula bought a few things so it was a success. It wasn't very big so it didn't take too long to go through all of it.  I bought a vintage metal reindeer to go in my front yard and an awesome wood Christmas tree. I will be stringing lights on them tomorrow.  There was a taco food truck and it was so yummy. Paula and I both shared some nachos with Carnitas and dang it was delicious.
I borrowed these pics from Mistress of Junk facebook page. A few of them are from Redneck Chic and Deb's booths.

Talking Trash

Talking Trash

Redneck Chic

After we left the Mistress of Junk show,  we stopped at a few thrift stores and some antique stores. 
We did really good at the thrift stores. Lots of stuff for just a few dollars.  Funny thing is that I bought a small antique Santa mug for 4 dollars. I already have a large one and so I wanted the little one to go with it.  I was happy of my purchase (and still am) but then I went to the thrift store and they had 2 of them and sold to me for .25 cents each.  SCORE!!!

Here are some pics of my Christmas decorations so far in my home using SOME of my great finds. I forgot to take pictures of everything in my great haul that day.  I bought some vintage bottle brush Christmas trees , a fake poinsettia arrangement in a cute red bucket, and few ornaments that aren't shown.

In the third square picture, My lovely friend made those JOY pillows. Arent they the cutest ever?!! I love them so much. Jax also photobombed my pic which makes it doubly cute.   Notice my 3 little Santa mugs?  The metal wine sign I bought last spring in Warrenton. I bought the reindeer doll from Hobby Lobby and the vintage plastic Merry Christmas piece came from a thrift store. The chalkboard stand was only 4 dollars at the thrift store.  One of my favorites is the Deer basket that also resembles the Loch Ness monster. We have named it the Christmas MonsDeer.   Those boxes of old vintage ornaments came from Woolco. Remember those?  I got them for 1.50 total.  I also bought 2 antlers at the junk show for 4$ a piece. I am going to be dipping the tips in paint and glitter for my table centerpiece.  The wood tree and deer are my favorites. I have 2 smaller deers that I bought off Craigslist and added them to the spot.
It was also the first time I spent all day with my future sister n law since she moved to Texas. We had such a great day and very similar tastes in the junk. She's a keeper!
 Gotta go now- Have a great Thursday yall.


  1. I love that tree in the picture with the reindeer!

  2. What a fun day! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. Sounds like a fun day. Your decorations look awesome!

  4. Don't laugh, but me and my gal love these shows. We are always down for the handmade amd kitschy stuff. Sounds like a good junking day!


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