Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday Tunes- Willie Nelson " The Wall"

Good morning y'all!  How is everyone managing during this hectic holiday season.  We've been so crazy busy.   I'm hosting a dinner party tonight with a few of my girlfriends so I've been working hard finishing up cleaning house and decorating. I didn't get everything done I wanted to but with just a few days left until Christmas, I finally realized its just not going to happen and i'm OK.   I'm serving tacos tonight ( i'm fancy like that) and a cake from where I got my wedding cake made. They are the best! My cousins birthday is Saturday and she's the big 50 and my besties birthday is Thursday so I got the cake for them.  I have a candle for both of them to blow out too.

I have so much to do and I such little time to blog about it so I wanted to keep it simple today by posting a song I am really enjoying.  I love love love Willie Nelson and just bought tickets last Friday to see him in April in concert. Woohoo!  He's released 2 albums this year , one being just him and his sister Bobbie (released last week).   I know Willie isn't for everyone but growing up in Dallas - he's a classic that takes me back to good memories.

This is off his new album Band of Brothers and is called The Wall.

Y'all, have a Blessed day. 


  1. Keep rocking on Holli and enjoy your dinner party. I bet your place looks great!

  2. Hope your party went well. How exciting that you will be seeing Willie Nelson!
    Merry Christmas.....


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