Tuesday, January 27, 2015

On my wish list - new Harley

Hey yall!! I have been so so crazy busy at work there hasn't been a single minute to blog or to read your blogs. I've worked many nights at home once I leave the office and gone into work earlier than normal.  I love that my days are flying by but holy cow it's been intense!  I finally have a minute to do a quick post.
Right now, Todd and I are currently sharing the Harley that I bought from my dad 2 years ago.  I absolutely love it and it's been a terrific bike! Todd rode it all the way to Sturgis last year without any problems.  The truth is though, as much as Todd enjoys the bike he really wants a bigger one. He used to have a Road King but he sold it a while back for financial reasons. I'm just very undecided if I am willing to trade my Harley in that I have now.  Mostly because I'm very sentimental and it was Dad's. 
Now Harley Davidson went and made things hard for me this year in the new 2915 models.  I had been a little interested in trikes ( those are the 3 wheeled bikes as in tricycle) recently. I've seen some pretty ones but they seem so big.  The new model has a sportier and sleeker look and they don't look near as big and as granny (lol) as others. 
I'm hoping to go test drive one really soon.  
Todd volunteered last Friday at the motorcycle show downtown and took these pictures. I wasn't able to go this year because it was during the day and I had to work.  What do ya think? Can you see me cruising down the highway on one of these? 
It's so cute!!  Hope to post again soon. 


  1. I can't help being a smartacre: "Now Harley Davidson went and made things hard for me this year in the new 2915 models. " I knew HD pushed ahead on the model year (our company makes covers, saddlebags, and luggage, so look for Dowco brands), but 900 years ahead is an awful long range future forecast. Do they have dilithium crystals powering those bad boys?

    PS I think we make Harley stuff under Indian and Willie Mac brands...

  2. What a tough decision! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. Trikes are awesome and look like fun to ride. Plus, no balance required! Buy all of them!

  4. Umm, yes, yes...I most definitely can see you crusing down the road on that baby....gorgeous!!!!!

    1. AND it also comes in orange that Todd just found it last night. I want to test drive one very soon.


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