Monday, February 9, 2015

Fun day thrifting and family time

Saturday I drove out to visit my grandmother "Nanny" to spend the day with her. She's 87 years old and lives out in East Texas 2 hours one way. I try to see her once a month if I can.  We had the most gorgeous day weather wise- sunny at 70 degrees but just a little windy.  When I got there, I had a pleasant surprise because my younger cousin Shane was there with his wife Reagan and their cute baby Gunner.  Next month Gunner will be a year old next month. How did that happen?
Nanny made us biscuits and gravy, and bacon and eggs for breakfast and it was so good. I was just so focused on getting  there that I didn't stop for breakfast so I was very grateful. 
I really love watching Nanny play with Gunner. She's such an amazing grandmother and great grandmother.  She is so loving and fun! 
We got to visit with the cousins for a few hours and then Nanny set out to run some errands and take a drive .  I always like getting Nanny out of the house when I can. She was feeling better too so she was feeling adventurous. 
After picking up her prescriptions and picking up some curtains rods and miscellaneous stuff, we went to one of my favorite thrift stores.  The thrift store is kinda junky and had zero curb appeal but I have found such great stuff there! Nanny found a nice red blazer that was brand new with tags still on it. How much? Only one dollar!! All clothes were a dollar and I bought 2 shirts to cut up and use for a birthday banner I'm making.  I get my best fabric from buying clothes at thrift stores. 
I had seen a cute idea from a craft magazine where someone used cute state ( destination ) plates for dining.  They were great to use when you have guests over. I didn't notice until I got home that a few of them said Not for food use but oh well. I bought 17 plates. Lol!! I wasn't intending to buy so many but the guy who ran the store said he was going to give me a great bundle price.  Boy did he give me great price! 
  I found a really cute purse that looked very vintage and has suede pieces on the front.  I also found a Texas wooden photo frame and an old Better Homes and Garden book in decorating from 1975. 
The plates, book, shirts, frame , a sign I found for a friend, belt and purse - he only charged me 15$. I couldn't believe it!!  Nanny got the blazer , a small digital clock and a cute fabric baby book all for 3$. We had so much fun. 
I did stop at a garage sale just before I got to Nanny's and got some great deals there. Crazy but I bought another rolling cart. I already own 5 but it's vintage and he sold to me for 15$. I also bought 4 candle holders. 2 from the garage sale and 2 from the thrift shop.  I bought a black patent purse and 2 vintage pillow cases and 3 pretty dessert plates.  The little old guy having the sale also gave me  a bundle price at 20$ for everything.  I love all my treasures and had so much fun spending time with family.  Todd wasn't feeling well and wanted to state home and rest.  I wished he went but he was happy when I got home because Nanny set me home with a pot of homemade red beans and package of cornbread and a rum cake.  Nanny thought Todd was coming and he loves her beans so she made him some. 
We finished the day by driving to next town over Mineola and getting a vanilla coke at Dairy Queen.  Perfect day!! 
Here are some pics of my finds and family:

a few of the plates I bought

Did I mention that I actually am signed up to blog every single day except Sunday's for the month of April? Yep true story. I've never done this challenge before and I have strong hopes of completing it. 
Have a great day!! 


  1. Your a sweet granddaughter. Moments with your grandmother are so special. What great things you found. Love the pictures you shared and yum on the DQ stop!

  2. The A to Z? Good luck. Not that brave myself. Nanny's a cutie!

  3. Fun day! My little Gunnar is getting so big!


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