Friday, February 6, 2015

Fun night at Top Golf

I've been so swamped at work that I'm a week behind posting in some things. Last Saturday night, Todd and I took a very close and dear friend out for some fun. She's going through a rough time right now with her husband being ill. She said she needed to get out with some friends and laugh a little. We were so happy to be able to help in any way!
Our friend lives in The Colony which also happens to be where we all go to church and its maybe 15 minutes up the road from where we live.  Top golf is a chain and they recently opened in TC a year ago.  We all had lunch there a few months ago after church one day but we didn't play golf.  I was looking forward to a time we could play and hang out. 
We picked up our friend a few minutes before six and got there soon after. It was packed!!!! It was raining pretty hard and was going to continue to rain all night. Top golf is mostly indoors and covered so its a great time to be there. I spoke to one of the waitresses and she said they do their best business when it rains. Totally makes sense because you can have a great time with friends and family indoors. The place is divided into 3 different floors and we got the first floor. The entrance of building and the bar is on the second floor.  There was also a few pool tables and huge TVs to play video games. Some girls were playing the  dance off games and it was fun watching them.
When you go to play for the first time, you have to get a membership card. It's linked to your email address and you'll get a card with your name printed on in within seconds.  You have to use this card when you choose which games to play and swipe it for your name to appear on the board.  
We had to wait for a game booth so we ate dinner at the bar. You'll also have an waiter once you get to your booth. 
We ordered a bunch of appetizers for our meal and the food was great! I recommend the Asian chicken wings. Yummy! I ordered donut holes for dessert  when we were at our booth and yall- they were awesome!! You get to choose 2 out of their 3 flavors to inject in your donut holes. I chose Bavarian creme and chocolate syrup. The other one was a raspberry flavor.  Out comes this ginormous plastic syringe of each flavor and you poke the donut hole with it and push the sauce inside. What what?!?!
To die for!!

Picture borrowed from google.
I am awful at golf!! It wasn't until our very last game that I actually started to hit the balls and score points. My friend wasn't much better but she beat me at the end. Todd of course played well and so he didn't count. Lol!! Just kidding but it was like he was playing against himself between us girls. Todd tried helping me with my swing and sometimes it worked. Lol! I played terribly but I had SO MUCH FUN and more importantly so did my friend. They play great music overhead and we danced and sang and had a blast.  At times if you  were up to swing, the rain would come in sideways and you could feel a little of the mist but it didn't matter.

Nights like that are priceless and I can't wait to do it again. 


  1. Top Golf is so fun! I've been twice now, and I hope to go again this summer!

  2. Now that sounds like a fun night and those donut holes sounds like a special treat!

  3. Donut holes. Do you know how hungry I am right now? Do you even care??? LOL I'm ordering in as soon as I hit submit!


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