Monday, February 2, 2015

My connection with TV show Parenthood- All good things come to an end

Last week was the ending of one of my favorite shows that I stayed committed to all the way. The show was Parenthood. Did any of you watch the show?  I always enjoyed the show because they covered lots of real topics that families face such as cancer, biracial relationships, pregnancy, autism, heart break, etc.  The Bravermans went through all of it and took us away from our own problems for an hour on Thursdays.  I cried during the finale but not as much as I cried the  previous week  before the finale more than I have the whole time the show has been on.  I really connected with it so much and I bawled like a baby sitting on my couch.  Sarah ( played by Lauren Graham) is engaged to Hank ( played by Ray Ramano) and her dad  Zeek ( played by Craig T Nelson) is really sick.   Sarah knows her dad is really bad and asked Hank if they can get married the following week. He totally understands and agrees then goes and asks Zeek’s permission to marry his daughter.  If y’all remember, my Dad was super super sick and I asked Todd if we could get married the following year (since he asked me to marry him in December) because I was afraid my dad wouldn’t be around to witness our wedding if we waited.  Todd agreed and also went to Dad’s and asked for my hand in marriage before he proposed to me.  Just watching that episode and understanding the overwhelming joy and sadness all at one time was what got me.  The good news is that Dad received his lung transplant 8 weeks before my wedding and he walked me down the aisle.  On the show, Zeek walked Sarah down the aisle and they had a fun filled wonderful wedding. 
Sarah is also a single mom and Hank has a daughter from a previous marriage. I also have stepkids from Todd's previous marriage.  I also could understand the dynamic from Sarah and her daughter Amber on many occasions because my mom was a single mom with me for a while.  I loved that the kids were close to their grandparents too.  Many families don't have that for one reason or another but I was lucky to have my grandparents.

Its funny to get so involved and emotional over a TV show but I loved it and I loved all the characters.  It ran for 6 seasons and the finale was probably one of the best ones I’ve seen in a long time.  They did it very tastefully and not cheesy.  They  did a fast forward to give us a glimpse of all the separate families and how they ended up. It was so great!!

I’m really bummed that its over but I also believe that you can take a good show and drag it out too long that you lose some of its 
appeal.  The writers were smart to go out when it was a good time and not 
overdue. Do you have a show that ended for good recently? 


  1. I watched the show and I loved the show. Actually as I type this I was just watching the finale again. I'm not ready to let go. I cried a lot during the last few shows too. I will miss them so much. One of my all time favorite shows.......

  2. No, but I've watched the finale of Doctor Who season 8 three times and cried a little more each time. Danny Pink's "A soldier's promise" speech finishes me every time.

  3. Looking for the clip, found this instead... crying again...

  4. I watched the first season, but then forgot what days it came on, or I started watching some other show. Anyway, I'm in the middle of the 2nd season. This show reminds me of the movie "Family Stone" (Craig T. Nelson is in the movie, too.) I think what hits home with this show is that it's believable...they're believable as a family.

  5. Just popped in from the AtoZ Blog Challenge Team to say hi! It sounds like you have quite a family and an appreciation for them. Love that. Wish I could chime in on the TV talk, but we gave up TV 4 years ago. Once in a while we jump in when something strikes us, but mostly we're Netfix now. Great to follow your blog!


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