Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My cold rainy day project

This weekend in Dallas was just cold and ugly. We got a lot (4inches) of real fluffy snow in Friday and it snowed steady for hours.  With combination of snow and sleet from last week , it was wet outside and best to stay in. 
I have an old vintage Singer sewing machine that I've had for almost 10 years.  It belonged to my second cousin Nita and I'm not sure who's it was before her.  Nita passed away with cancer and before she died she had a garage sale to raise money for her bills. I bought the sewing machine and a cedar chest from her and gave the chest to another cousin.  The sewing machine was in really bad shape and it was in her outdoor she's for a while. Then when I got it, I had to put it in storage for a few years myself. There are huge water stains and some of the wood is lifting and chipped.  My plan is to actually put my portable sewing machine on top of this one and use it more like a table\ desk. 
I painted it with a plaster paint ( much like chalkboard paint) called Poppie. It's a shade of orange and I really like it. Not to mention I love the name Poppie ( my grandfather was called Poppy).  
I painted 3 coats and sanded it to still have the wood show through and look vintage.  Then I added 2 coats of poly sealer.  I'm very happy that it has a new life and it brightens up my craft room . 

Here are some doggy snow pics and even a scary selfie of me with no makeup.  I didn't even mention that last week I was supposed to travel to Ohio for work but my flights were canceled due to sleet. It worked out good for me that I didn't travel because I got super sick with the flu and upper respiratory infection.  I had to go to a urgent Doc in the box places because my doctor didn't open his office due to weather.  I'm on the mend and feeling tons of better this week! Still have a lingering cough but so does everyone else that I know. 


  1. The sewing machine is really cool and is a good conversation piece. I love me a good snowfall. It's probably as rare for you in Dallas as it is for me here in North Cackalacky.

  2. We're in Dallas too! Loved the snow!

  3. I believe I've said this before- your craft talents amaze me! Glad to see you only got a dusting of snow, though.

  4. The sewing machine looks great, and it looks like you had a great time with the dogs.

  5. You did a great job with the showing machine. I have my grandfather's Singer and lucky enough that the wood is still in good shape. Fun time outside with the dogs. I've been wondering what Skye would do in the snow. We need to take her up to the mountains.

  6. Aww I love your selfie <3 The sewing machine looks amazing, you must have worked hard to get those stains out, great job!


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