Monday, April 6, 2015

E is for my Easter weekend

It's already Monday. My how the weekend flies by!! So how was everyone's weekend? Mine was super crazy busy but awesome.  Friday night was pretty chill and my husband and I always go out for dinner to one on of our favorite Mexican restaurants. When we got home we just hung out with the dogs and watched TV. Saturday was the busiest day by far.  I got up early and picked up my friend Tammy at her house and we headed to Canton.  For those who aren't from Texas, Canton is a ginormous flea market called First Monday. It's every month and in east Texas about 90 minutes from Dallas.  I usually have something specific im looking for but this time I just went to see anything new and for the corny dog, funnel cake and lemonade.  
I did pretty good but bought something kinda big and funny.  I bought an old metal shopping cart. It's not as big as the ones that stores use today.  It makes me happy because my grandma Nanny, retired from being a checker for Safeway many years ago.  Nanny helped raise me and I spent a lot of time in her store with my mom or grandpa picking her up from work.  My plans are to put some big plants in it on my patio. I also can't wait to use it for my huge Holliween party we have annually. I can put drinks and ice in it.  
I also bought 2 more wine crates and a slip with cute lace on the bottom, and 2 hanging plants. That was my haul. 
Tammy bought an old vintage door, a metal wheel, a large cross on a stake to put in yard and a few small things here and there.  It was so funny rolling around with the door strapped to the cart.  
The nice man was helping us tie it down with some strong twine. 
Yall- do you even know how badly I wanted this large birdcage?!! I'm still obsessed with bird cages and this one was only 200$.  If Tammy and I could have strapped it to our cart and loaded in my truck.....  Todd would kill me but it would be worth it. Lol. 
I ran into my high school friend LeighAnn. 
Tammy and I in back of my truck after loading everything. 
I also love Nightmare before Christmas and these shoes  would be perfect for my  party. Sadly no more in my size. 

Tammy and I didn't stay all day because I had concert tickets for that evening in Oklahoma.  So we left around 2 and I was home a little before 4. I had terrible sinus headache from being outdoors right now in the spring. Allergies suck! I laid down for a little nap and an hour later  , we were on the road to Winstar casino that is minutes away from the Oklahoma- Texas border.  
We saw kris Kristofferson, Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson.  It was fantastic!! I've seen Willie a number of times and he never disappoints. Merle was amazing and his son plays lead guitar for him.  Kris' daughter came out for one song with him and she played the banjo. It was a family night for sure.  You know these guys are old school country classic legends and I'm so glad I got to see them!! 

Oh and Jamey Johnson came out on stage for last song 
Selfies while waiting on Willie. 

It was a packed day but wonderful. Then of course came Easter and the day started at our church. Todd plays the drums in worship band and we have 2 services. He had to be there really early but I didn't go until the second service.  I really enjoy watching Todd play.  The service was awesome and our pastor was great as usual.  Afterwards, I rode with Todd and left my truck behind at he church to his parents house for lunch.  My brother n law and his girlfriend was there ( Kevin and Paula) and my stepkids met us there. It was kinda a big deal because Collin drove himself and Allyson for the first time. We usually pick them up and drop them off but we couldn't with church Todds schedule.  Collin will be a senior next year so it was good for him to drive. The kids are so busy and we don't see them near enough so it was great. 
I have the cutest inlaws and so blessed that I love them and they love me.  
After lunch we visited a while then everyone left and went home.  We watched the TV show The bible continues and I enjoyed it so far. It's to be continued next Sunday. 

So this is the longest post ever and ordinarily i would have broken it up for a couple of posts. The whole A to Z challenge has me doing things differently. 

Have a wonderful day yall!! 


  1. Wow, you had an eventful Easter weekend!
    I also love going on a thrift-hunt with my friends. There's just so much treasure if only you know where to look :) Easter Sunday is also family day for us. I hope you feel better now after your allergy attack.

    Postcards Crossing
    AtoZer #373 (as of today)

  2. WOW what a weekend you had! I don't do that much in an entire month. That is so great you got to spend time with Todd's children. And Willie is lookin' road hard and put up wet but guess he's still rockin' huh? I thought of you this weekend on the way home from Charleston. Out in the middle of nowhere in Brunswick County, NC there was a giant Harley store and it was packed!

  3. What a nice Easter you had! I recently saw Willie on The Jimmy Kimmel show. He was either 'wasted on MJ' or his age is catching up with him. I just felt sorry for him. I love Kris Kristofferson. And Merle Haggard. Dang, they are all getting so old. I guess that means I am too!

  4. Sounds like a fun way to celebrate Easter weekend! Even though they are getting old those guys are legends and still perform.

  5. What a wonderful weekend! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  6. Wow! You definitely had one lovely weekend! I spent mine travelling 3700 km (not sure what that is in miles) back home for good from school. It was exhausting, but I am so very happy to be at home forever!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the lovely comment about my Random Acts of Kindness theme and the dress (my wedding dress and I adore it!)
    Brandy from Brandy's Bustlings

    1. Congrats on being back home. I know that's got to be so exciting and comforting.
      Have a great day!

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  8. Willie n Kris still going strong- how great is that. You asked about our Easter.. I celebrated the sunrise with people from 2 local churches up on the cliff top overlooking the sea- and we had a drummer too

    zannierose A-Z

  9. You had a busy busy weekend! That birdcage is ginormous!!! What the heck would you even do with it??? I bet Todd would make you and Jax sleep in it! LOL LOL


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