Wednesday, April 8, 2015

" H" is for HOLLIween, Hair, Hill Country and Harleys

There are just too many choices to write about with the letter H right now so I chose more than one.
Right now in Dallas its been overcast with the promise of rain for the last few days. Its very humid and my dry frizzy hair has been HUGE!! My husband and my coworker have both commented how big it is this week. haha! I have countless of hair products in my bathroom that all claim to tame the frizz and they all are liars. Not one of them has been able to control the craziness. I've been wearing it up in a clip or in a braid these days.
If you are fans of the TV show Friends- I resemble Monica when she was in Mexico.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Todd and I host a HOLLIween annual party every year the weekend before Halloween. I go all out! I have so much and I'm already thinking about this years' theme and decorations. It will be here before you know it! My friends love it and makes me happy that they look forward to it and come dressed in costumes.   Here are a few pics from past parties:

I've been a biker chick since I was a toddler. Literally.  When I was born, my dad had a bike, my grandfather, and both uncles all had bikes. My parents didn't have a car and so my grandparents had to bring me home from the hospital because they had a car.  I got my first helmet when I was four and my leather jacket soon after. My grandfather Poppy was very active in a few organizations and was officer in a few. We spent most of our vacations attending bike rallies.  I bought my own Harley 12 years ago.  I since sold that one and I bought my Dad's from him a few years ago when his health was really bad and we weren't sure he was going to have the transplant.  My husband has owned his own share of Harleys and I love that we have that in common.  I actually helped him study for his motorcycle license back when we were just friends.   This weekend we were supposed to go on a nice long bike ride with a group of friends ( around 12 of us) and ride to Hill Country.  We've had it planned for a few months and I requested Friday off for vacation. Unfortunately Mother Nature didn't care that we had this planned.  There's 80% chance of rain all weekend long.  The ride got cancelled yesterday.

Todd and I still really need to get away and so we are keeping our hotel reservations and driving down in our car. There are several wineries in that area and cute shops and I'm still looking forward to getting away. Hill Country is a few hours south of Dallas and its getting to be kinda touristy.  It has rolling hills and trees and clear lakes and its beautiful. Right now our Texas bluebonnets are in bloom and the Indian Paintbrushes and the highways are just gorgeous.  I am so excited to have a weekend with my honey and enjoying the scenery. Wished it was on the bike but we can go again.

So there you have it on my letter H today.  Today is my Friday so I am a Happy girl!


  1. Halloween is my favorite holiday too. It's just so fun and festive. It hailed here last night and now we are having thunderstorms. You can forget about the flat iron today. I'm letting my hair go natural curly and frizzy.

  2. I can somewhat relate to the hair thing. Great costumes.

  3. You can come to my Halloween parties any time! What fabulous costumes. So much fun.

  4. I wish I could come to a HolliWeen party, every year they look like a blast!!! My hair gets Jew-Fro in the humidity, but nothing like that!

  5. I've always thought your concept of Holliween was one of the coolest ways to make a holiday your own. I guess I'm out of that one, unless we get get my birthday to National holiday status...

  6. What cool costumes! I never had any flair for costumes, either for me or my son (when he was young). Would have loved to have had that kind of talent. Thank you for visiting my blog - fellow Ato Zer Alana at

  7. Don't you hate it when a favorite place gets touristy!


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