Friday, April 10, 2015

J - just another day

So we were going to go away this weekend originally with a large group of our riding buddies to Hill Country. The forecast promised of lots of rain so everyone cancelled. Todd and I still wanted to get away and had planned to until today and we changed our mind. Btw, I'm writing this now on Friday. 
We our going to Ohio next month for a band reunion that Todd plays in. We already booked our tickets and so its a done deal.  Then as mentioned on my D for Donna post- I want to visit Mom this year and go to a wedding in Idaho. 
It was decided that we need to save what money we can to our planned trips.  Not that it was going to be too expensive this weekend but with gas, hotel, meals and any other it does add up. 
So today and this weekend is just like any other day. I have tons to do around the house and We are going to visit Nanny now.  She lives 2 hours away so it's 4 hrs round trip.  She's worth it and I enjoy every minute with her I can. 
I have to travel all next week for work in Los Angeles and I need to pack for that too.  Sometimes it sucks being an adult and making responsible decisions. Haha
Yall have a nice weekend! 


  1. Adulthood is definitely over rated! ;-) -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. It does suck when we have to be the responsible person!!

  3. The height of our adventurousness so far today has been going to Bob Evans this morning. Geez...

  4. Don't ever grow up - it's highly overrated! Hope you had a good weekend!


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