Wednesday, April 15, 2015

M - making memories and music

Hey yall - happy Wednesday! I'm working this week in Southern California south of LA. I absolutely love being here! California is one my most favorite happy places.  I used to live in Cali when I was in junior high.  To think I could have been a surfer girl..... 
I have a good number of friends that I love to hang out with and visit when I come here.  I actually feel bad that I'm not able to spend more time with a few of my friends this week.  My college roommate and best friend Julie lives here specifically in Pacific Palisades that's a little more than an hour to get to from where I'm at.  We had dinner tonight and I'm spending the night with her Thursday night.  I'm so excited to see the kids and hang out like old times.  

I had dinner with great friends last night with Brandon and Ben.  They are so much fun and we go to the coolest restaurants.  We ate last night at a place called Phlights.  It was a tapas place and it was amazing!! We shared meatballs, bacon wrapped dates , a pork taco with bean sauce , a cheeseburger and I had sangria.  SOOOO delicious! 

Tomorrow night  visiting my friend Rosa and I can't wait for that.   Truth is, I was very close to moving in with Rosa and being roommates with her. I had broken up with my ex- boyfriend and really wanted to move to Cali. Todd came along and changed those plans. Lol!  I don't regret my decision for a minute but I do miss California.  I love my job and I love seeing my good friends that I don't get to see too often. To me, that's making memories while also working hard.  
I was going to post some songs too but my laptop is being fussy.  I was going to post a song by Matchbox 20 which I love! 
The lead singer is Rob Thomas and I just saw him in concert last month with my friend Theresa.  Made memories that night as well. 
Have a wonderful day yall! 


  1. You do have the best job traveling and getting to spend time with friends along the way!

  2. I used to live in Cali too. Do I miss the place? You bet I do. :)

    1. I love all of it! I used to live in northern cal in San Jose and I lived in Southern Cal in Imperial Beach. I went to school in Coronado. I love all of LA area.
      Where did you live? The gas prices are crazy high though. Dang!!

  3. Glad you are having fun and meeting up with friends. Those are the best times.

  4. Ah good sangria who doesn't love that!!

  5. My husband and I discovered a tapas place locally on the same day we heard that our next duty assignment might be in Spain or Italy. We had a lovely evening with the food and the conversation about what the future could hold. We decided that we so belonged in the Mediterranean. We're still waiting to hear!

  6. Dinner looked good and it sounds like you're having way too much fun to be there for work, lol. We've vacationed in Palm Desert, but we steer clear of LA.

    Sandy at Bridge and Beyond


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