Thursday, April 16, 2015

N is for No dieting while traveling

So as you know I'm working in California this week in business. I've been training large classes to our sales reps here on an  application.  I have many dear friends here that I love to hang out with and have dinner after work.  When we travel, we do have a specific allowance allotted for each meal. It's enough to eat well but also reigned in enough from going too crazy.  I've had dinner every night with friends and having great meals. I posted a little yesterday's post.
Last night I ate the cheapest and it was totally junk food. I had dinner with friend Rosa and we always eat at one of our favorite places The Hat.  It's soooo good and it's been around for 60 years.  They have burgers and fries but they also have  roast beef and pastrami.  We actually get chili cheese fries with pastrami on top.  Good grief it's so yummy!! I also very seldom drink sodas. I usually drink sweet tea or water. When you're eating at The Hat- you have to have a cherry coke. 
I've been eating later in the evenings too so I am going to bed on a very full stomach.  It's so hard to eat healthy and have a diet of any kind when you travel. At least it is for me!! 
I am having dinner tonight at Venice Beach but not sure where. Julie always knows the fun places so I'm excited!! 
I love not being stuck in a hotel by myself while out of town and enjoying my friends! 
Have a great day yall. 


  1. WOW those fries look delish. I would have acid reflux all night long eating late and then goin' to bed. This old gal needs time to digest. LOL

  2. That's always been my rule. Glad you are having a wonderful time.

  3. Definitely no dieting while on the road!

  4. know what you mean- wish it was easier to eat healthily when away from home

  5. Chili + cheese + fries + pastrami = oh my goodness, no dieting even remotely possible with that combination!

  6. OMG - food porn! Damn right there is no dieting on vacation. Calories don't count when away from home having fun!


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