Saturday, April 18, 2015

P for Probably.....

So it's already 11:30am and I'm just now posting.  I'm so not used to blogging on Saturdays.  
If it's Saturday- I'm probably having breakfast across the street at yummy cafe called Cafe Brazil. Todd and I walk over there and they have the best coffee. 
I'm probably going to do laundry and grocery shopping. 
I'm probably NOT going to bathe the dogs today because it's going to rain later. 
I'm probably NOT going to mop the floor for the same reason above. 
I'm probably going to take a Harley ride with Todd today because it's gorgeous outside right now. 
I'm probably going to take at least 5 pictures today of Jax and Lila because I put their new shirts on them. 
Todd is probably (already) is wearing his new Harley shirt I bought him from California. 
I'm probably going to color my hair at some point today ( my grays are out of control and it's been a year since I touched them up).  Thank goodness for good ol Clairol in a box! 
I'm probably not going to cook dinner tonight either.  
I'm probably going to bed early tonight because I didn't sleep well last night. 

Yall have a super weekend!! 


  1. Sounds like good things await you. I am probably going to correct papers. (I teach 1st grade)

  2. I am probably glad you got home safe.

    I am probably understating #1.

    I am probably expecting to see pics of your babies in their shirts.

  3. I love all these posts! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  4. Probably sounds like a nice lazy Saturday!

  5. Ah, what do I have to do to see a picture of Jax and Lila in their new shirts??? LOL.


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