Sunday, April 19, 2015

Q is for Quick

Today is Monday. Never a fan of Monday's but I'm not traveling this week so that's good.
It's kind of hard to think of posts around the letter Q so I'm creating a list of things I'm quick to do.
I'm quick hit my snooze button once after my alarm goes off. 
I'm quick to turn on my I Heart radio app from my phone to listen to music while putting my makeup on.
I'm quick to change my clothes at last twice before I leave for work.
I'm quick to have my $2.17 ready every Monday at the McDonald's  drive thru for a sausage mcmuffin and large sweet tea.
I'm quick to take off my heels at  my desk while sitting during conference calls.
I'm quick to put my hair up in a big clip every morning when I get to my desk.
I'm quick to pull out my prescription glasses that I have to have when in front of my laptop.
I'm quick to ask my friend Wendy if she has lunch plans but this week she is traveling.
I'm quick to respond to all my work emails from the previous day ( I lost a whole day on Friday for travel).
I'm quick to plug in my earphones so I can listen to my iTunes from laptop.
I'm quick to ask everyone how their weekend was but not until they all have logged in and have their coffee in hand.
I'm quick to look for a snack around 10:30 somewhere in my desk or my coworkers desk.
I'm quick to drive home as soon as possible once I'm off work so I can free my doggies from their kennels.
I'm not so quick to figure out what the dinner plans will be for that evening and to call Todd to discuss.
I'm quick to turn on TV to channel 5 to watch The Voice on Monday evenings.
I'm quick to go take my shower usually between 9 or 9:30ish to take my shower before winding down for the night.
I'm quick to pull up the sheets so the dogs can run underneath because that's where they like to sleep.
I'm quick to get up at any hour of the night or morning when one of the dogs or both need to get up and go outside.  

And unrelated- Jax got a new Harley work shirt this weekend and he's so dang cute! I'm quick to tell you how awesome my dogs are. 

Very boring post but its the best thing I can come up with at this time. HAHA! Have a wonderful day and evening.


  1. I'm quick to eat a snack around 10:30am as well. Our bodies must be in synch.

  2. So glad that Monday quickly went by!

  3. If I had read this one first, I would have seen the pictures of the dogs in their shirts!


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