Thursday, April 9, 2015

The letter "I" - as in Me, Myself, and I

Here are some things about me that I like :

I like cowboy boots

I like Dancing

I like to read home and decorating magazines

I like my red pickup truck

I like dogs (A LOT)

I like sweet tea and lemonade (Arnold Palmers)

I like Jesus

I like riding behind my husband on the Harley

I like fried chicken

I like the ocean and beaches

I like silver jewelry

I like wearing my sunglasses on my head as a headband

I like my tattoos

I like travelling

I like to wear the same bracelets every day while I still have dozens I need to wear

I like wearing a cross necklace and have 4 that I switch out

I like driving real fast

I like music of all kinds

I like driving a Harley on my own when I’m not riding with the hubs.

I like  the color orange

I like guitars

I like waterfalls and bodies of water like streams, and lakes

I like stationary and cards but I don’t write enough

I like sleeping with the ceiling fan and a floor fan on me all year long

I like wearing hats

I like peach cobbler

I like Dallas Cowboys

I like shopping

I like my collection of bird cages

I like having dinner with my friends

I like crafting and repurposing

I like social media sites like PInterest and Instagram ( these are my links)

I like blogging and getting new followers and following them

I like this A to Z challenge so far.

Have a great weekend y'all!!!


  1. Cute idea today. I like shopping too. In fact my friend is picking me up in a while to go.

  2. Great post - it's nice to get to know you.

  3. The only thing on here I cannot get behind is the Dallas Cowboys. Or, the Cowgirls as we refer to them up here in Philly!! <3

  4. I just found your website and I love it. The layout is easy to read and really enjoyable. And, I've enjoyed reading your posts. Keep up the good work! Found you on A to Z!

  5. You sure like a lot things Texas related!

  6. I like about ten of them. The world doesn't want to see me on two motorized wheels so you know those weren't in the ten...


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