Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fun night of music and friends

Exactly a week ago on Thursday , Todd and I were hopping on a plane headed to Ohio.  We flew into Detroit because it's not far driving distance to Toledo.  Todd's family is from that area and he went to school there some as a young kid in elementary and he went to high school his last 2 years (junior and senior).  He was in a band during those years and have remained in touch with his band mates.  A few of them still play today in other bands which is pretty cool.  They get together every 5 years and they play a reunion concert and this was why we were in Ohio.  The lead singer John organized the gig in a bar called the Bunker Bar that had this huge hall connected to it. Todds band is called Octavian and Johns band that he's currently singing for is Alter Ego.  Alter Ego pulls in quite a crowd because they play locally and have done well with getting their name out.  However, tons of people from Todds high school came to see the band and show support.  A few other members also live out of state now. 
I would say at least 300 people came out. It was so cool!!  
The live show was Saturday night and my birthday was the following day. Right at midnight, Todd and my friends wished me happy birthday.  My friend Janet drove up from Columbus which was a little over 3 hrs away.  We met 8 years ago when I worked there for a few months.  She brought her friend Connie who was a total hoot!! They brought a banner, a pink boa, a strobe light for the table, bracelets that light up, and a toy tambourine  as party favors for birthday. They really made me feel special and also  not alone while Todd played.  
I had a great night and so so happy I went to see Todd play with his friends. 
Here's a few pics from the night.  I still have more about my weekend there but I've got to go now. 


  1. Looks like a fun trip and a great birthday weekend.

  2. How cool was that! Sounds like it was an awesome time. Happy Birthday!

  3. What a great time that must have been! Some of my old high school music playing friends still get together for reunion concerts like this. Since I live so far away I've never gotten to go to any of these but fortunately they often put up videos on Facebook.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
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  4. Wow you had a great turn out!! Looks like fun! What a special way to celebrate your birthday. That is way cool!

  5. I am glad that you had such a fun weekend and a fun birthday! You are a very pretty girl. Local bands that do well are always so much fun to hear. We had a local band here back when I was in high school (more than 40 years ago) that played at my high school prom. They are still together and still going strong. I love to hear them play!

    1. Paula, thank you thank you for your sweet compliments and words. I love listening to live bands too. We have some great local bands here in Dallas that I like to see often. Todd's band played so good and his friends showing up proved it. It was a great weekend for sure!

  6. I featured a band called Octavian on Time Machine a while back, a Canadian act from 1975. Obviously not the same, but the name clicked.

  7. I know you were being a bratface and didn't want to go, but I'm so glad that not only did you go, but you had a great time! I'm sure Todd appreciated you spendin your birthday in his hood! Love you!

  8. What a super special weekend in so many ways! And you looked beautiful, Holli!
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead.

  9. What an awesome weekend! Happy Birthday! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  10. What fun images ... that boa is awesome!
    My own hubby had a similar experience a few years back when he attended his h/s graduation in Chicago. He was asked to bring his sax along, and all of the old band members were able to get together and play one night at a neighboring watering hole. He still talks about it!


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