Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Just as cool in person

Happy Tuesday yall! I mentioned in a post last week that I was going to meet a blogger Laura at
 We Really Got This in person.  It was so much fun!! We met last Thursday at Houlihan's at 6 pm and yall, we didn't leave until 9:00.  She lives about 5 towns over from me so we met somewhat halfway between us both.  I had an idea of what Laura looked like from some pictures on her blog.  When I walked in I saw her and I smiled but then she was talking to the lady next to her so I thought maybe she's with her.  I was talking to the hostess but I kept staring at Laura and she said Are you Holli?  That's how friendly she is just chatting up the person next to her. So something I would do. I get asked by my friends often why I talk to strangers. hahaha!
I can tell you that it was just so easy to talk to her and I didn't feel awkward in the very least.  I was a little nervous because I always have a little fear of " what of she thinks I'm a big goober and we don't have anything to talk about".  It was seamless!  We have so much in common from our age, neither one of us have kids but our dogs,  to our taste in music, down to the exact favorite Mexican restaurant that is not the most popular around Dallas.  Fun! Fun !
I'm glad we put it out there and really set a time and date and had our meeting. I have had excellent luck in meeting my blogger friends around my community. In fact, Julie from A Beautiful Day is a very close family friend of ours now. She helped with my wedding and I don't know what I would have done without her then.  We used to live closer so I miss doing as much as we used to together but we always stay in touch.  Thank goodness for social media too!
If you end up realizing you have some close by bloggers- I encourage you to meet them! Yall are a blessing and we already have the whole blogger thang as a connection.  When I met Deb from Just Keepin It Real Folks in person a few months ago while I was visiting North Carolina- it was the highlight of my week! It made traveling and working away from home so much easier and she was a doll.
I understand that some of yall may be shy and prefer the safety of being behind your computer. That's OK too. I am very social and not a shy bone in me.  For those of you who don't know, I'm a corporate trainer so I have to get up and speak in front of large crowds or via the web almost daily.  So I get very excited to meet people.
Pardon the blurry but my camera was dirty I think.  Anywho you get the jest...

Did I mention that I'm going out of town this week? Todd and I are going to Ohio for the weekend. He has several friends and family there and went to high school for a while somewhere close to Toledo.  Todd is a drummer which I've mentioned a few times and he's playing in a reunion band get together at the Bunker Bar in Holland, Ohio this Saturday.  If you're close by, come meet me and rock out with the band.  We come home Sunday which happens to be my birthday.  Very busy weekend coming up for sure!

Have a great day!


  1. Isn't that the way when you meet bloggers? I've met a couple IRL, and it was like I've known them my whole life! My husband was sure that one blogger was a criminal who escaped from a prison in Romania!!!

  2. Awe you met another blogger. That is so awesome. You are definitely so easy to get to know in person.

  3. Awww you are sweetie! Our meet up was so relaxing and flawless! I couldn't believe it was 3 hours later! LT was a good sport in the end. LOL! I still can't believe we both love that Mexican place waaaay out there (but it is the BEST)! You were my first blogger meet up and I had a BLAST! You are definitely my sissy from another missy! Ya'll have fun on your trip!

  4. It does sound like you had a fabulous time!

  5. I think that is fantastic! There's a few bloggers that I am close to outside of the blog-o-sphere and I treasure them. In general, life is too short not to try and make as many friends as possible. I'm glad you had a good meet-up!

  6. I've met one of my Blogging buddies (Bobby G), and have been on the phone with another. A while back, another blogger had the great postcard campaign, so I've actually written to a few more.

  7. Happy pre-birthday fellow music lover! Have a rocking good time in Ohio!

  8. That is awesome. I have gotten to meet two blogging friends and I have talked to one on the phone. Happy Birthday coming up.

  9. How fun! I've had an opportunity to meet two bloggers (so far), and wouldn't have missed it for the world. Bloggers are the best!

  10. You have such an interesting blog. Thanks for sharing. Reading blogs is my hobby and I randomly found your blog. I enjoyed reading your posts. All the best for your future blogging journey. Please keep in touch with me in Twitter, @ipersuade.

  11. How great that you connected with Laura! I have really enjoyed reading her blog. I hope I get the chance to meet some of my blogging friends one day.

    1. I'm not a member of Washington bloggers - I'll have to check that out. Thanks for the tip.

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