Monday, May 11, 2015

Mothers Day didn't SUCculents

Hello yall! Happy Monday to you. Hope everyone had a nice weekend and if you're in Texas- a safe one.  We've had some serious crazy weather here in DFW area with flash floods, tornados, winds and rain. Yesterday morning the tornado sirens woke us up blaring into our bedroom. We don't live far from the fire station and our window faces the street.  Not the best way to start your day for sure. Our neighborhood was Ok thank goodness! 
Since Mom lives so far away and I'm not a mom myself, Mother's Day was always just another day.  After church, Todd and I had a fun day running errands and grabbing quick lunch. We ate Canes chicken because it was buy one get one free for the occasion.  Later in the afternoon I received a sweet text from my  stepdaughter Alison that made my day.  
I invited my stepmom Deb to dinner and told her to pick where and when to meet. We enjoyed a yummy dinner ( Mexican food) and I bought her 2 bouquets of flowers from the grocery store close by. They were gorgeous roses and tulips. Daddy was feeling good and it was so great to spend some time with them. 
When we got home, I had a card on my pillow from Jax and Lila.  Todd said they saved their money and pitched in to buy me a card but he had to cover the difference. lol!!  They are too sweet and I love being a mom to furry babies. 
Just before we went to bed, my stepson Collin sent Todd a text that said : Tell Holli  happy Mother's Day from us.  This is the first time he has ever acknowledged me for Mother's Day and it means so much. 
I saved the texts by taking pictures of them. 
He at least spelled my name with an I. Lol 

So overall my day was a good one and I'm very blessed. 
Last week we had a few days of sunshine and I was sent an idea from my sister in law using vintage cars.  I was inspired and went to Home Depot to buy some soil and some succulents.  I'm very pleased on how they turned out. Now I'm just concerned they don't blow away or get flooded in my backyard. 

So did you have a good weekend? 


  1. Awe I love how your stepchildren sent you text messages for Mother's Day. So sweet! I know your heart was filled with joy!

  2. Glad your day went well and you received the text messages. I am loving your succulent planters, they are awesome!

  3. I love what you did with the succulents. I've always loved "chicks and hens" myself. Happy belated Mother's Day, Holli!

  4. That was some crazy weather!! You got a way better gift from you fur babes than mine gave me. (LUCKY!) What a cute idea for plants! I need me some big ole fire trucks to use! Sounds like a great day overall!!

  5. Glad you got that recognition... I can bet how special it feels.

  6. Oh, those are such cute planters! What a creative idea.

    Glad you got a little love on Mother's Day.

  7. Sounds like you had a good day. My step kids told me Happy Mother's Day too which they have never done before. Awesome.

  8. That's a great idea about using the vintage cars for succulents!
    ... but my fav was hearing about your card from Jax and Lila. Props to their 'dad' for thinking outside the box!

  9. Such a cute way to grow succulents. And to get a card from your fur babies. That is cute! I thought about you when I was hearing how hard Texas we catching the storms. We didn't get any this weekend in Kansas

  10. What a cool idea and how sweet that you got Happy Mother's Day wishes. Except for the rude awakening, it sounds like you had a great day! Stay safe. ♥

  11. What a cool idea and how sweet that you got Happy Mother's Day wishes. Except for the rude awakening, it sounds like you had a great day! Stay safe. ♥

  12. So good to hear you weren't affected by that crazy Texas weather! Love the car planters!


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