Monday, June 8, 2015

A Love Song - First love Last Love

 There are songs that just grab me and sink into my soul like no others.  As so many of my blogger friends agree, music is a huge part of our lives and can transport us to the very minute of a memory. Maybe that memory is when we first heard that song or that the song was playing during a momentous event.  A movie titled About Last Night was released in 1986. That was the year of my high school graduation and when I started my first year of junior college. When you graduate, you literally feel the pressure of being a "grown up" and leaving your parents house. You're making decisions that will literally steer your course of action and impact your entire career path.  For some girls in my class, their main goals was to get married and get started on a family right away like their mom did and their grandmother.  I didnt have a high school love. I went to small high school and my whole graduating class was only 98 students.  Most everyone grew up together and started going school together since Pre K.  I was an outsider and transferred there my freshman year.  Basically, we were one big family that knew everything about one another.  There were only a handful of couples that got together and stayed that way.  The girls had to go outside our school and went to the nearby small towns to flirt with those boys. 
I had a dance scholarship to a junior college here in texas. It was in East Texas and it was college drillteam.  The football team, drillteam and cheerleaders all had to be at the college and dorms before everyone else because there of the football games starting the first week of school and we had to be prepared.  I met a boy named Scot.  He was a linebacker on the football team and was a year older than me.  That meant that the sophomore girls on my dance team all knew him and they warned me to stay away.  I did not heed that warning and i had met my first true love.   We dated my whole freshman year and most of my sophomore year.  I loved him with all my heart and i know he loved me. It was young love though and we had different plans for our futures that took us in different directions. Long distance love is hard and especially hard on young college kids. 
Back to the song, Bob Seger had always been one of my favorites since i was a young girl. My mom loved him too and had all his albums.  When this movie came out and this song was on the soundtrack, i bought it that week.  It sang of a love i wanted. It was a love that i always dreamed of . I hoped that a man in my life would feel this way for me.
The movie was on last night and i bet it had been at least 10 years since i saw it.  When this song came on and the love scenes were playing i focused on the words again and tears streamed down my face.  It was an amazing feeling that 29 years later since i first heard this song, i found that love.  It took me a while and many heartbreaks along the way with wrong relationships.  I have a husband that loves me for all my good , bad and ugly.  Todd proclaimed his love for me and never wanted to let me go.  I live in his heart and he lives in mine.  We have only been married a few months shy of 2 years so we most likely wont celebrate a 50 year anniversary (we're in our late 40's) but i cherish every minute i can.  And i can say now that it was worth the wait.
Living inside my heart -Bob Seger


  1. Music is such a big part of my life. Every day I listen to music for fun and to inspire me. I even listen to music while I write. :) I think it's neat that certain songs get linked with memories. Some good, some sad. But it's still a marvel to me.

    I never saw About Last Night.

  2. Awe that is so sweet. Music can definitely transport you to a different place and time. So glad you found the man who is living inside your heart!

  3. Music is definitely a big part of my life! Great song!

  4. For people like you and me (and by that I mean people who had lousy role models on relationships growing up), it's not any surprise that the first love just doesn't work out. Or the second. Or the third. I think that it was smart that you waited until you had a clear picture in your head of what you wanted your marriage to look like and then waited for someone who lined up with the picture.

    I don't think I've ever heard this song. Did you say it was on the About Last Night soundtrack?

    If you want to actually call these soundtrack posts (as in you plan on doing more than one) you can use the notes logo I use on each post (if you want). I'm adding you to the link list at the bottom of each post.

  5. Music can always take me away to a moment in time. So glad you have the love of your life. About Last Night is a great movie. I'm afraid I don't know this song but it sounds wonderful.

  6. Love this song!! And I am happy that you found your soulmate even if it was later in life. Richard and I knew we would never make it 50 years either but we lived for each day. And have many wonderful memories. Music touches me exactly this same way. I have so many songs that speak to me from different times in my life!

  7. When I was first out on my own, I wore out a Bob Seger album.

    Great, great tune!

  8. Didn't want to comment until I got a chance to listen. Good tune, better with the heart story to go with it. Bob's good with those.


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