Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Family reunion 2015

This past Saturday was our family reunion on my Dads side.  My great grandpa had 6 kids and my grandpa was the 3rd born if I remember correctly.  They all had the funniest nicknames and grew up being called their names since they were kids.  There was Cotton, Bigun, Beans, Sis, Runt and I can't think of the other one right now. Shoot!
Anyways, my grandpa was Papa Beans. LOL. There is only one living sibling left and that's Sis. Sis had 15 kids yall!! Over the years, they've only lost one of their kids ( died many years ago). Our reunion is held in either Lindsay or Muenster, TX which are small rural farming towns.  Many of the aunts, cousins etc live out there. Muenster actually hosts an annual Germanfest and it draws huge crowds.  My family is German and majority of the finally is Catholic. Here's a funny story, one year we had our reunion on a Sunday. Because the family is so big , if they didn't go to church that day it would practically be empty. So the pastor actually came to the reunion and we had own Sunday mass.   
The Catholic Church is St Peters and it's amazing! The stained glass and many of the pieces came from Germany.  It was built in 1903. The architecture is incredible.  If you have a minute, read about the history  ST Peters They had a tornado destroy the church in 1917 and the community helped to rebuild it and was finished a year later in 1918. 
The church has a cemetery and a school on the same premises. Also a home for the priest and a Hall. We had our reunion in the hall.  It was air conditioned and had kitchen and bathroom. All you need! 
This year we did something new and that was we had balloons that we could write a message on to someone we've lost from the family.  My aunts husband ( uncle Donny) passed 4 years ago.  Papa Beans passed when I was in high school 1982.  I wrote a balloon for those 2.  Then we all went outside and released them. I liked that idea a lot! 
We all brought a side dish and dessert and we had fried chicken that someone cooked for us. We had too much fun and it was all so good. 
It was a great day and that was the first year I brought Todd. He had a great time too and people were excited to meet him so he felt like a celebrity. Haha! 
This is my grandma ( daddy's mom) and Sis. Sister n laws. 

The lady in blue tshirt was Runts wife. Runt passed last year. 

Me and Daddy. Isn't he the cutest! Next month will be 2 years since his double lung transplant. 

Papa is buried at St Peters so we walked down to check his plot and I introduced Todd to him. Papa Beans was a sweet loving kind farmer. He was so fun and down to earth. Todd would have loved both of my grandpas! 

We're writing our balloon messages 

Balloon release

Aunt Brenda holding onto her balloon

Someone had made a collage of the kids and this is Papa as a baby. I had never seen this picture. 
This was my great grandma. Look at that gorgeous hat!! 


  1. That looks like a perfect family reunion, Holli! I love the idea about the balloons. Perfect.

    Our family is so scattered now and many of the people who pulled things together have passed. It's hard to get any of them together.

    Your Dad looks great!

  2. Oh, wow! What awesome photos! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. What a wonderful reunion. I love that you released the balloons. We did that at my step-brother's celebration of life. Plus the nicknames are just a hoot.

  4. I just love family reunions! We don't do them enough. It looks like you have an amazing one. Whoever planned it did amazing! Love the nicknames too!

  5. Your family reunion sounded like a lot of fun. We always release balloons on birthdays and death anniversaries for my mom and now for my recently beloved Richard. The kids and I like doing it. This year we will insert messages to them. Thanks for the tip

  6. Okay, first of all, what kind of truss do you need to wear that hat? Geez, I bet that wasn't worn much on windy days! Next, I barely knew my grandparents, so I kinda know what Todd must have felt. It is neat to have a connection to personal history. The church is cool- ours (when I went to St Louis) dated from 1873. A lot of history in those walls, too.

    My Dad was a nicknamer, too. His grandkids got called Jonesy, Stinky, Bruiser, Smokey, and Smiley, and Tag.

  7. I love the idea of a balloon release. Someone else wrote on their blog a while ago about a balloon release in which they wrote down a person that forgave and what they forgave. The idea was just letting go of the garbage that weighs us down... and not forgiving is certainly a heavy burden.

  8. A great history! My dad's family was German. I adore the idea of releasing the message balloons. Family reunions are dying out, and that's a shame.
    I Saw it on Facebook @ Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  9. So happy that you were able to attend the reunion. Love the nicknames. Amazed at Sis have 15 children. That is a cute story about the church. I love a balloon release sending messages to heaven. Yes your daddy is the cutest after mine :) Enjoyed the pictures.


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