Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I'm a Biker NOT a Outlaw Biker Gang member

I'm sure all of you heard the news last month on May 17th when there was a deadly shootout in Waco Texas among some bike gangs and police officers.  It made National news for days.  Waco is about hour south of Dallas and the poor town cant catch a break from being in National news. Anyone remember the Branch Davidian's?  Yep Waco!
Because of all that commotion many restaurants within hours of each other up and down the highways are banning colors ( vests with organization) on back and some are banning bikers all together.  This absolutely infuriates me!!! Why you ask?  I am a biker. I've been a biker since as long as  I can remember. My whole family are bikers.  Matter of fact I bought my Harley from my dad when he got sick . He was a biker.  I have been a member of CMA ( Christian Motorcycles Association ) for 12 years.  CMA is a motorcycle club.  There are numerous groups and clubs of people who ride but are not in a biker gang. 

Here is some biker terminology so you can be in the know:
As I briefly mentioned above a leather or denim vest with the patch of your group is called Colors or a Cut. Its called a Cut because it started where the sleeves off a denim jacket or leather jacket were cut off to be the vest for all their patches.  There are a lot of rules with having colors.  Even in the CMA.  You treat it with respect and never drop it on the ground or throw it around, etc.  With the hardcore biker gangs, you have to earn that patch and its called being Patched in.
Road name is when you see a patch on the front of your colors with a nickname. I have a road name but quite going by it a few years ago.  Now I use my own name.  Biker gangs stay true to using road names.
You will most often see a patch on a biker gangs vest or jacket that says 1%.   Hells Angels, Bandidos, Mongols, etc are mostly all considered one percenters.  They are the bike gangs and the percent that would be up to no good.
When you see someone riding by you and their handle bars are high up and their arms are stretched past their shoulders- those are called Ape hangers.  Because... think about it.
A bigger bike with lots of bells and whistles like a Honda Goldwing are called Touring bikes.  They are built for comfort and lots of miles. 
Weekend warriors are those ( like me) who typically don't ride everyday but primarily ride on weekends.  Dr's, Lawyers, Corporate trainers and general managers can be seen wearing jeans and their colors or their tshirt and doo-rags riding all over on weekends.
NCOM Christian Unity's photo.

Bikers are mostly good people yall! I serve and volunteer countless places in the biker community with the CMA.  There are tons of food drives, toy drives, fundraisers, etc that bikers sponsor and support for charities , communities, friends and family.  There are some bad biker gangs.  Its true. We ride knowing that we can encounter them any day of the week.  Just be realistic and don't act stupid. Its not TV, its real life.
Please don't look down on someone who rides a motorcycle. They have a right to live life and enjoy a hobby like the rest.  Please look out for them to on the roads. Cars can hurt pretty bad if they don't pay attention. People texting is so scary and that's way scarier than a biker gang!


  1. Thanks for the lessons on bikers. But I can totally understand why the restaurants are afraid. It is hard to tell the difference. We have a biker gang in my town that are gangsters and up to no good most of the time. But they participate in the toy runs, etc. And seeing them among all the good bikers it is impossible to tell them apart. I think it will die down for Waco. But I don't blame them for being afraid.

    1. I can see being Cautious but not afraid. Restaurants refusing bikers are really hurting themselves. My group is riding group that loves to eat! We ride far to try out places to eat. Typically lightening doesn't strike the same place twice. Meaning the likeliness of a shootout and a major chain restaurant close to Dallas is low. Biker gangs tend to stay to themselves in their own area and rarely do they come out guns blazing.

  2. Any time you lump a group together and give them a canned set of characteristics (based on misinformation) it is a prejudice, plain and simple.

    I'm really active with my church and you wouldn't believe the things people assume about Christians - so it's not just bikers. Apparently, "we" are ruining everything, according to the media. And Christians are doing to themselves, too - they eat their young, ha ha.

    People will always "judge" without info. BiblicalLY, there's nothing wrong with judging - no one reads the whole passage comprehensively. It's easier to cherry pick and just say "don't judge." Judging is required to make choices and we're advised not to make choices without information and background. Why don't they all just say "don't be prejudiced" again ANYONE.

    As far as I am concerned, the only way you could be better is if someone made Holli-on-Wheels. Bingo; done.

  3. Thanks for the vocabulary lesson! On another note, what an awesome song! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  4. I admit to not knowing much about bikers or bikes. I wish I was a biker though. It sounds like fun and looks to be freeing. But I don't drive regular cars so me being a biker won't ever happen. haha

  5. A few thoughts here. Biker gangs IMHO proved themselves when they were the one defending soldiers' funerals from the Westboro whackos. They showed they cared when others were scared or disinterested.

    Second, and here we may butt heads- While I agree drivers need to do their parts in watching for bikers, pedestrians, bicyclists, etc., I have seen too damn many bikers treat the highway like their personal pinball game weaving through spaces that don't exist at speeds that would leave them less than hamburger with a single miss-wobble. Here, like in the bike gang thing, one rotten apple taints the perception of the whole bunch. I would dearly love to see PSAs warning bikers to treat the road with respect, as well. We had some dork up this way who got caught dragging- the police had a warrant for other things, persued at a distance as the idiot fled at around 100mph. He left the road and this life shortly thereafter, and I heard from dozens of his friends and family who blamed it on the cops for "chasing". BS. He took that in his own hands and could have killed someone besides his own worthless ass. Really burned me to hear his friends blast the cops, blast me for standing up for them. Long story short- there are jerks in every group. I still think those PSAs should go both ways though.

    Whew, rant over! One thing is certain though- the world is a safer place with me over four wheels and not two!

  6. I admit that bikers make me nervous when I'm driving. I'm always so afraid I just won't see one of them and hit them. Aggressive bikers make me a little bit mad. I'm talking about aggressive driving. I always think, "Don't they get how exposed they are? How hurt they could get if they are in an accident?" But, I think that about plenty of people driving cars, too. Too many people drive like they are the only vehicle on the road.

  7. It's ridiculous to think every biker is bad. It's even ridiculous to think that the gangs are always going to erupt in a shoot out. Automobiles should leave twice the distance between them and bikes and they see a bike, they need to keep their attention on where it is in relation to them at all times. I once had a run in with some Bandidos in the early 80's. I had parked at Crystal Beach and had my two teenage nieces with me. A few of them came in and parked around my Mustang while we were out swimming. They had two women openly making out on the beach. My youngest niece got sick and we needed to leave. We got in my car. I cranked it up. No one moved the bike behind it. I revved the engine. No one did anything. I hit the horn a couple of times. No one did anything. I was young, (a little tipsy) and mad. I threw open the driver's side door, stood up and shouted over the top, "If you don't come move this bike, I''m gonna run over it!!!" Guy came and moved the bike. We left. Of course it was the middle of the summer and the beach was packed. Plenty of witnesses. Yet, I still would not do the same today.


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