Friday, June 19, 2015

My father figures i celebrate

This weekend is Father's Day weekend and we have a busy day planned this Sunday.  We will have lunch after church with Todd's family and celebrate my father in law Bob.  I won the INlaw lottery yall when I married Todd. They are the most cutest sweetest supportive inlaws a girl could ask for.  It will be a double celebration because we are also celebrating my sister n laws birthday that was this week.  We meet at the same Mexican restaurant every time and I have no problem with that at all.  The funny thing is that when I spoke to Daddy last night on what he wants to do that evening, he also wants Mexican food.  I  need to remember to take my Nexium purple pill that day!  So both Todd and I will see our dads for Fathers' Day.   Don't tell Todd but i bought him a new wedding ring since he lost his back in December. I replaced it with a ring from James Avery that i think he will like. He doesn't read this so i'm not too worried. 
The bittersweet part of this day is that its our first Father's Day without my stepdad Don. He passed this past January and I know this weekend is going to be so very tough on my baby brother.  I miss my stepdad and cant believe he's gone. He lived in Oklahoma near my brother so it sometimes just seems that he's out of town and not really gone. 
I've had a few father figures in my life and I am so blessed by every one of them.  My parents divorced when I was 4 or 5 and we lived with my grandparents off and on a lot. My grandfather Poppy was there for me everyday. Its true when I say I was his favorite.  No really I was. I loved to ride the motorcycle with him and I was his shadow. I would hang out in the garage with him for hours while he tinkered on the Harley.  That never changed when I grew up.  Poppy was my hero. I miss him more than anything and he's been gone for 17 years. I can cry right now because its still so strong of a loss.

In high school, my mom wanted to move a few cities over when I was a junior in high school. I was devastated because I was doing really well in school and I had made officer on my drill team. No way was I going to switch schools and start all over again. I had just transferred to that school my second semester of my freshman year. It just so happens that my uncle was wanting to move back to the country where we lived and he agreed to let me live with him so I didn't have to move and switch schools.  Uncle James even bought my very first prom dress for my Junior-Senior prom.  He had 3 sons  and i was like a daughter to him. We had such a great year.  I would come home from school and we would go fishing or even catch an early movie and he's a wonderful cook!! I was so grateful that he allowed me to live with him at such an important time. My mom , stepdad and brother lived less than an hour away and of course i had to check in with Mom every day and i spent most weekends with them. 

My stepdad married Mom when i was 13. He was such a loving man who loved me like i was his own. Don is my role model for my stepkids i have today with Todd.  Don taught me how to do the Texas two-step and the cotton eyed Joe.  He was so patient and laid back which was good when i was a high strung emotional teenage girl! I couldn't ask for a better stepdad in my life. He supported me and encouraged me all through high school and college and everything after. Don was always proud me becoming a career woman and focusing on my job instead of settling down. Don was the only one that didn't harass me about when i was going to get married or have kids.  I miss him so much.

Daddy and i didn't become really close until my junior year in high school.  I always would visit him for a weekend here and there and when i was in elementary school he lived in Colorado. I flew there when i was 7 and spent the whole summer with him. Dad bought me my first car which was a '72 Datsun station wagon stick shift.  I hated that car and it was always breaking down on me.  My summer after graduation i worked for Dad in his office and he would deposit my paychecks in an account and would let me have an allowance. The money saved went towards my allowance when i went to college that fall semester.  It was such a smart idea even though i didn't like not getting my whole paycheck every other week when i was working.  Then when i transferred from junior college to  a university i moved in with him. He was single at the time and lived very close to my school. We got to know each other more and got closer.  Fast forward 5 years after college, i moved to Florida and was engaged to a guy named Jack.  We only lasted 3 years and when i moved back to Texas, Daddy let me move back in with him until i got on my feet.  Mom had moved to Wyoming when i was in college.   The rest is history as they say. I've always lived pretty close to Dad and we have a great relationship.  I couldn't even accept the possibility of losing him when he was so ill with his lung disease. The transplant has been the best thing in our lives!!

The songs i posted remind me of certain times or memories of my father figures in my life.  I hope you have a great weekend and Happy Fathers Day y'all!!!


  1. Good memories and great songs to go along with them. I am happy you had good strong male role models. Wish I could have had the same. But I am very happy that my sons had Richard as a step-dad. And we will be missing him this Father's Day too! Have a good weekend Holli!

  2. You've had many "dad" figures in your life, and your relationship with your Dad eventually flowered into something wonderful... which can be tough with a divorce when the child is as young as you were.

    Enjoy this weekend with all of the "dads" who are still here and say a little prayer for the ones who aren't. I feel confident they can hear you. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if they smiled as you wrote this post.

  3. What a wonderful tribute to these men! Happy Father's Day to them! I am sure they absolutely adore you! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    Oh, and great music choices, as always! ;-)

  4. What a well done post, with the soundtrack weaving through it. I found myself seeking father figures without knowing it as an adult, until one let me down and my subconscious said the magic phrase, "Another failed father figure." After that I learned to watch myself on that. You know, you should just get the group all together and save on the nexium! I hope you have a great day with those great men- Todd included.

  5. This brought back memories for me.
    "Money For Nothing" was playing on the TV the first night I went to Mrs. Penwasser's house for our first date.
    Interestingly, I was still married (but separated!) to the FIRST Mrs. Penwasser at the time.
    It was also the first time I met her father. I have a tribute to Papa on Father's Day.
    Thanks for the smile.
    Incidentally, my mother moved us 45 minutes away from the town where I grew up IN MY SENIOR Year of high school. Yeah, after 40 years, I am STILL whining about it.

  6. Everyone needs a father figure in their life. You were blessed to have had several, all with their own unique gifts to share with you.

  7. Sounds like you have several wonderful men in your life. Hope Todd liked his ring. Very nice of your Uncle to let you live with him. Sorry about your stepdad. ((HUGS)) I know our sons fiance Tristen was going to have a hard day too missing her father who passed last November.


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