Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tattoos - Heck yes!

Good morning yall!   I did a guest post back in 2012 on a friend's blog who sadly isn't blogging anymore.  She gave it up 2 years ago but I still keep in touch.  I wrote a post about my feelings on tattoos.  I had writers block this morning and had so much in my head that I didn't know what to write about.  Does that happen to you? I wanted to touch on the bikers in jail in Waco and the McKinney police even that took place but I couldn't get my words together today.  So I am recycling a post from a few years ago. 

Hi,I’m Holli from Holli's Hoots and Hollers and I have 3 tattoos and I’m about to get 2 more. I’m 44 years old and I’m not too concerned about what they’ll like look when I’m old.  Tattoos are not for everyone and I get that. One thing about being my age is that I’m not set out anymore like I was is my 20’s to impress everyone. My tattoos are for me and me only. They mean something and I am proud of all of them.  I am corporate trainer that stands in front of large groups of employees every day and 2 of my tattoos are visible. I have a toe ring tattoo on my right foot and a cross with Jesus fish all around my left ankle. My very first tattoo was when I was 19 on my booty. I wont be sharing that pic with you. J  Luckily, my boss has not made me wear bandaids, pants, or close toed shoes to conceal them. I believe that companies and people in general are becoming more tolerant of tattoos now.  Especially in the workplace if you don’t flaunt them or they’re not offensive.

Look around now and see many actors, actresses, models, NFL players, etc showing tattoos. We’ve come a long way since the late 1800’s when people would go to the circus to see the Tattooed Lady.

It’s not just for sailors, biker gangs, and tribe’s in 3rd world countries anymore. Now I will say that I read a statistic that over 80% of the American prison population is tattooed. At last I’ll fit in fine should something bad happen and I find myself sharing a small closet size room  and a roommate that can bench press me and makes me take the top bunk. Tattoos are a form of personal expression and a way to share sentimental feelings or tributes to loved ones.

One of my next tattoos I’m getting is going to be very special to me. Both of my parents are both pretty young but neither of them are in good health.  My mother has a very small Raven tattoo on her left side that she got when she turned 50.  I’m going to have the exact same Raven tattooed on me. My dad is an amazing musician and can play guitar and piano wonderfully. SO, I’m wanting to incorporate a music note of some sort around the raven. This way I have something that represents both my parents but nothing cheesy like the words Mom and Dad.  Any creative artists out there- I’m open to suggestions.

The funny thing is that I do ride a Harley and have grown up around bikers all my life. My tattoos are not because I have to fit into the biker community. I just happen to fit into that stigma. HA! I am also thinking seriously about having my eyelids tattooed. Wouldn’t  it be so cool to wake up and not have to put on eyeliner? A few of my friends had it done and they love it. Anyway, i’m hoping that there is less judging as we progress and more accepting of people and primarily women with tattoos. I can really be one of the best friends you can have so don’t judge my by little ink on my body here and there.

It's a tulip- i had it facing out (upside down)

My ankle band

Heidi Klum

Kate Moss

My views haven't changed in the least on tattoos.  Todd got a half sleeve in black and white a few years ago too so now he's hooked.  I really cant explain it but ask anyone with tattoos, you quickly want more.  I want at least 3 more.....


  1. Your tulip is so cute! I like when people get tats that have sentimental value. And Uncle Jeffy and I love tats for very different reasons. His office makes $$$$$ lasering them off the folks who regret them years later. Hahahaha

  2. I think you should have a treble clef and staff with the raven sitting on the lines (like birds sit on telephone lines).

    Do I have a tattoo? Nope. Do you know why? 'Cause I know me. I save for an outfit and then hate it a couple of years later. That would be me with tattoos, too.

  3. I do not have any tattoos but think about getting one often. I wanted the fish/cross on my ankle and I want a ladybug on my thumb. My daughter has two tattoos and I think if people like them they should have them done. I agree with Cherdo, the raven should be sitting on the note!

  4. I like the idea of permanent eyeliner but I can't imagine having it done - a needle so close to your eye, how do they do it?

  5. My 21 year old daughter is going to get her third tattoo in a couple of weeks. I try not to let to get to me. When I tell her, "I was in the Navy 27 years and never got a tattoo," I sound like such a fuddy-duddy.
    The ones she has do look nice though. And she's a great kid. So? What the heck?

  6. No tattoos here! But I don't think I am totally opposed to them. My oldest son is covered. Some are not very nice. Many he did himself. And yes, he has been in jail. I think if they are tasteful there is nothing wrong with them. I prefer they are hidden but as my son says "Would you hide art on your walls?" I think we need to try to be tolerant of what other people want. But I also think that people who get tattooed need to realize not everyone will find them in good taste. I worked in a nursing home and many of the girls had visible tattoos and were offended by the elders not liking them. Someday the elders in the nursing homes won't care....they will have their own!

  7. Not a big tat fan... and really not a pain fan, so you'll never see me with one. But, to each their own.


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