Thursday, June 11, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Good morning yall! Happy Thursday. 
I thought it would be a little fun to show some old pics of me for throwback Thursday.  Unfortunately I'm blogging from my phone app so I can't post any songs to go with my post today.  I wish the app would let us do more fancy stuff. Oh well, at least I can do this much right? 

This is me when I was 6 yrs old (maybe even 5).  This picture is black and white but the original was color. My leotard was  red sequined and I have a small hole in my pink tights. Funny memory about this was Mom bought me a new pair just for pictures but they were itchy. I threw a fit because I hated wearing itchy tights.  I didn't get the concept that I would only be wearing them an hour tops.  I still hate itchy fabrics!! 

I'm 10 years old here and those are my cousins holding their new little brother. This pic was taken at my grandparents house on July 4th ( I think).  A fun fact is that my mom, my aunt and my aunt by marriage to uncle were all three pregnant at the same time.  They all had boys and so they're only a few months apart.  So there was 3 girl cousins and 3 boy cousins. We all used to be very close. 

So this is my senior year in high school.  I was an officer in drill team and this is us at a football game.  The girl next to me was the captain of our drill team. 

This picture was either my freshman or sophomore year in junior college. I had a dancing scholarship to be on the college drill team in east Texas.  Notice how I'm wearing a red hat again? The director of my college team also used to be the director of my high school team so she carried on the red hat tradition.  I loved my hats! Now the little guy next to me is also kind of a Texas celebrity.  He was our college mascot ( Cardinal) and he taught at cheerleader camps for years.  Jeff also went on to work for the children's TV show Barney for years. 
He was Baby Bop.  We were good friends and we couldn't go to Six Flags or a concert without teenage girls screaming at him and wanting their pictures with him.  Gotta remember that Texas is a football state which means cheerleading is a sport here too. Lots of cheerleaders knew Jeff.  

This picture cracks me up!!  All the drill team had our own dorm hall.  When you're a sophomore it was tradition to go on a raid through other dorms.  This is how we decorated for it. Hahaha!  Yep we got in trouble but it was so worth it.  
I'm the one in the middle wearing pink and a heart on my cheek. Lol 

I hope you have a MAHVELOUS day! 


  1. I had fun trying to find you in all of the pictures. I was really glad you posted the first when you were 5 so I had it and your current pic to try and decide. In the picture with the cousins, are you on the right?

    This all looks like it was so much fun for you. The dancing. The cheering. What song would you use?

    BTW, did you watch the TV show Friday Night Lights?

    1. As for my song, I would have had All she wants us to dance by Don Henley. The song was popular when I was in high school and the chorus nails it. I had some hard things going on but dance Saved me. It was my outlet that I could have fun and focus on while the real world was throwing obstacles my way.
      I saw a few seasons of Friday Night Lights. All of the depictions almost 100% true.

  2. Oh my gosh these are adorable! You had some great times growing up. Thanks for sharing your memories with us! I need to get photos from my dad now.

  3. Look at you in that red hat! Hot drill team Momma!!!

  4. You were friends with Baby Bop? While you might not believe I'm serious, I think that's kinda cool.

  5. Look at you all cowgirl in your sexy red hat!

  6. I love this post for so many reasons - the little dancin' Holli, the red cowboy hats and the gals dressed to raid! You've always been a hoot, apparently. Glad I know you.

  7. Those raiding costumes are great!
    Ya know, at first I thought you were a member of the Kilgore Rangerettes in that red hat!

  8. This was a fun post. Loved seeing all the photos and the stories to go along with them.

  9. You were a cutie as a kid! And as a JuCo... AHEM: Very nice.

  10. Loved this post. I am glad you had some great times while growing up!

  11. High kicks and high don't get no better! You were cute as a button then and you're even cuter now!
    Love ya!
    P.S. Bella reminds me of you in that first photo!


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