Thursday, June 25, 2015

Throwback Thursday

It's Thursday YAY!!  I used to never be one of those people that literally counted down the days until the weekend but here lately I am.
I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate the most sincere sweetest comments on yesterday's post.  I really wasnt trying to be a Debbie Downer. I'm glad I posted about one of my memory scars though because i realize how so many of you have similar experiences.  I'm learning also that I can't always post with "Pollyanna" attitude.  I do consider myself a half full kind of girl though.  Staying positive is what gets me through. 
On a happier funny tone now, I am sharing with you 2 pictures of me from high school.  I think this might be my sophomore or junior year.  I lived out in the country on land that my great grandmother grew up and lived on until she was 98. 

This is me in my drill team uniform with my most amazing sweetest grandpa of all times Poppy in front of his Harley.  Poppy was Choctaw Indian.  That's where I get my olive complexion from. 
I miss my Poppy so much it hurts! The close up makes my legs look long to me. LOL

These pictures are from me taking a pic from my phone of the originals. I scanned them but they were fuzzy. 

This is after I changed into my normal clothes and our dog Bear wanted to be in the picture.  He was such a good Ol dog.  Poppy's Harley was called the Pink Thing. He won several trophies and was always in bike shows.

One my most favorite songs still today was popular at this time called Safety Dance by Men without hats.  I love the 80's!!

I hope you have a wonderful day yall!! 


  1. Stephen T. McCarthy calls it sharing your "black and blues," and it is a bit uncomfortable. But, we all have 'em! The comforting thing is that when you share yours, you discover a whole bunch of people who can relate. It sorta takes some of the punch out of your own story. (doesn't diminish your experience, but alleviates it because you realize in many ways it's a shared experience)

    I love how your arm is looped through your Poppy's arm. Also, The Pink Thing is amazing. That's quite a ride!

    Ah... the 80s. I love ALMOST everything 80s. There are a few songs that jar my ear, but by and large... love it. Safety Dance was always so much fun to actually dance to, wasn't it???

    1. I dance in my chair, in my car, wherever I am when I hear this song! Great dancing song. I even know the awkward moves the singer makes in the video to this song. lol
      I worshipped my Poppy. He was one of my favorite people in my life.
      You are correct in your statement of discovering a bunch of people who can relate. That helps. Thank you for your comments as always Robin.

  2. I posted a HERE'S TO YOU post today. I see it isn't showing up in your sidebar, but check it out!

    1. For whatever reason there was a delay for your new post to show. Its there now though. I loved your post! Thank you so much for dedicating song to me.

  3. Hi, dear Holli! It's a pleasure to see these throwback pictures of pretty you along with your grandpa Poppy, his monster Harley and your beloved dog Bear. I'm sure these images generate many sweet memories.

    Holli, there is no need for you to worry about being perceived as Debbie Downer, not in our circle of friends. We all have our scars, physical and emotional. It is cathartic to share our stories with others and it enables them to see us as real people and to love us all the more.

    The catchy synthpop recording "The Safety Dance" is one of my favorites of the New Wave 80s. I remember watching the video on MTV and on NBC's Friday Night Videos. A couple of years later when I became production manager at an MTV style television station, the video was requested by viewers and played often.

    Have a fantastic Thursday, dear friend Holli!

    1. Thank YOU dear Shady for your sweet comments. Yes indeed, every memory of Poppy is a sweet memory. Poppy gave me my first helmet when I was four. I loved going to all the motorcycle rallys, bike shows and meetings with him.
      I loved the Safety Dance song mostly because it had dance in the title. LOL. I was all about dancing then. If I worked at a station then I would have played every song with the word dance in it. I Sure miss hours and hours of videos. That's what made the stations popular like MTV. Why is it only reality crap now? I don't get it. Sorry for the delay in responding.

  4. "Safety Dance" is awesome!! One of the best of the 80s. I miss good video channels back in the days when we were all enamored of MTV and VH1...instead of mocking MTV and bemoaning their focus of unreal reality shows.

    Everyone one has something to air - that's why blogging is so addictive.

    One more day, girl, till the weekend!!!

  5. I love you to see you in your drill uniform, and of course I have The Safety Dance on my play list for the gym. It really gets me movin'.

  6. Two things: Number one, I envy your high school. Two, sorry, MWH never won me over. To each their own. Did I mention I envy your high school?

  7. Poppy really sounds like a fun and interesting man! Beautiful bike! And you! Holli you were living the Texas dream with a cool Poppy and on the drill team! And those legs! Puts me in mind of the Rod Stewart "Hot Legs".

  8. You just have to sing along when you hear Safety Dance!!!

  9. How awesome that you had your grandpa for so many years. That is some awesome bike! I love your photos, so cute.


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