Friday, July 24, 2015

Just Dance- National Dance Day- Saturday July 25

One of my most favorite shows on television is So You Think You Can Dance.  I am glued to the TV watching these young people blow me away by their dancing routines.  I DVR the show so that i can rewind and watch over and over.  I started dancing when i was 3.  My mom had me in dance classes learning tap and ballet until i was around 10.
 Dancing came naturally to me because i was surrounded by music.  They go hand in hand in my opinion.  Daddy was a musician in a rock band playing guitar and piano. Mom played her albums nonstop.  Do you remember the record machines where you could stack your albums up to 5 i think and they would play in that order?  Yep we had one of those.  I remember owning several of the childrens carry record players that were in a box and would close up and buckle like a suitcase.  Totally got off track just then- anyway- music was a constant for me.  Then soon after dancing became a constant for me.  I loved dance and having my dance recitals. I learned early on about listening to instructors and team work with my fellow class mates.  I left dancing for a while when i was 10 and got into gymnastics for a few years.  Truth is that was still every bit dancing.  My favorite was the tumbling and the floor routines so i was still dancing to music. The gymnastics years improved dancing by leaps and bounds.  When i was 12, i was a cheerleader at my junior high. It was mostly all dancing and we didnt do any of the crazy stunts and flips that a real cheerleading team does today.  I joined the drill team in high school and danced all 4 years then joined the college drillteam and did that my freshman and sophomore years in college.  When i transferred to a large university, i enrolled in dance classes there.  I took a few semesters but by then i was working much more and my focus was on affording school and making grades in my "real classes".
Eventually life just happened and i gave up dancing as an active hobby.  I never thought i wouldnt be a dancer in some ways. I wanted to be a Rockette but i was too short.  Dancing was my life for so long growing up!!  I dont even take a Zumba class which i totally should.
I dance around the house when i'm home. I dance in the car when a good song comes on. I love going dancing at bars with live music. I love country dancing too at the country bars. I dance at church during worship time.  I guess i will always have Dance in me.
 This Saturday is National Dance Day!  The producer of SYTYCD show and a few of the dancers are going to be in Washington, NYC, LA and a few other places to have a big dance off. There are a few routines we can watch and learn or you can do your own thing.  I will most likely not record myself dancing and upload it to the website like they're asking for all of us to do. I will dance though!  One of my favorite things about the show Ellen is that she always dances.
Do you like to dance? What is your favorite style of dancing?  Do you watch SYTYCD?
Have a great weekend y'all!!!!
Whether you can hold this position or not...every dancer creates her own world. Dance into Your Power and create yours!
Just dance : ) Should share this with my dance teacher
I love this sign. This is totally me every second of the day!
Izabella Grace "P.S. Don't ever forget that you love to dance." (free printable)
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  1. All of these quotes are WONDERFUL! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. I DO remember those record players. And the ones that you could stack all the 45's on as well. I guess you know how old that makes me. It used to be so much fun to play the records and dance!! Dancing was a big part of my younger years. Not dancing like you did, but just going out dancing. Richard was a dancer!! I loved the dancing of the 60's and 70's!! He loved the foxtrot, waltz, polka. And we both loved to country-line dance. Ah the memories!!

    1. Todd and I went to a bar with live band last summer and we ended up dancing. I had so much fun because todd usually wont dance with me. It was one of my favorite nights. I spent a lot Thursday nights at a country bar here in Dallas when I was single. Thursdays are ladies night and had drink specials. I just went to dance!! Good times for sure.

  3. Wonderful quotes. Wish I could dance. Just have no rhythm .

  4. Really nice quotes indeed. Greetings!

  5. I certainly remember record players. My parents didn't play much music at all and they were not readers. I liked music in my teens and dancing to it at a youth group but really didn't get into music until my 30's. Today I have to push myself to listen to music and read a book. I love them both but they come naturally to me. I love that dancing was your life growing up. Have fun dancing this weekend........

  6. It always feels sad to me whenever I read about people having passions that just... fade with life. It sucks that life has to do that to us, but I'm glad you still dance! I myself am not a fan (two left feet) but I can understand the passion :)

  7. Holly, lovely post on dancing.

    You signed up for the Cherished blogfest, but I see no post– would you still be participating? If not, please let me know on atozstories at gmail dot com, and we can remove your blog from the list.


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