Monday, July 6, 2015

Long Great Holiday weekend

Good morning and happy Monday Yall!
Hope everyone had a lovely and safe July 4th!  My weekend was very laid back and  pretty relaxing.  We had Friday off as a holiday at my company which was awesome! I went to Canton with my friend T to get inspired and see if there was anything I couldn't live without.  I did pretty good. I didn't buy too too much.  Pictures will come later. I bought an old Victorian loveseat and a cool old paper stand. We couldn't stay all day because we had dinner plans with my inlaws. I love Canton and I have gone there for years. Its a famous flea market that has grown to be Huge.  It was a perfect day! We left just as it was getting hot and crowded and then finished the night with family at one of my favorite restaurants. 

Saturday we drove over to my brother in laws and his girlfriend Paula's house in FtWorth. They had a BBQ and grilled burgers.  I brought Watergate salad.  It's the whipped cream with pistachio pudding and fruit and nuts.  It was funny because I kept calling it Nixon salad the night before. When I went to the store I looked on google and realized it was Watergate. I guess when I hear Watergate, I think Nixon.  Hahaha!  I guess you had to be there. My inlaws totally shook their head like they knew what i was talking about.  We renamed it Scandal salad.  It's delicious! 
We took a group family selfie:

We didn't see any fireworks this year which is the first year ever I didn't make a point to watch them.  This is the first year  to have 2 dogs and they are so scared of them. It wasn't worth them being scared and upset.  We watched them on TV in Washington DC and New York.  We had to mute the TV when they would play the pips of the fireworks.  Unfortunately we were 2 blocks away from our towns festivities and we heard them by our bedroom window for hours. Todd grabbed Lila and just held her and that calmed her down.  Jax stayed under the covers near me and barked under the covers. He's so brave!
Yesterday was a fun day. After church we drove up to Denton which is maybe 30 miles north. We ate at Mellow Mushroom which is a pizza place and is so good! It's one of Todd's fave places.  Then we went on a leisurely drive thru the country on some back roads. I used to go the same back roads when I lived with dad in college and went to University of North Texas. I wanted to see if I still remembered and how much it changed.   I did good. I second guessed myself a few times and said I think I was supposed to turn there but I didn't and just kept going.  We had to exchange Todd's wedding ring that I bought him on Father's Day.  That was the direction we were aiming at was to get to the store I bought it at.  We got that done and went home. 
I got a bug to paint.  I painted 3 drawers and a vintage wooden ironing board. 
My goal for the drawers is to turn into shelves.  
The pic on left is from Pinterest and the drawers in right are mine. They're drying outside.  
I painted the ironing board with black chalkboard paint.  I'm thinking of writing Welcome down the length of the board. Or maybe Myers Family..... Endless possibilities. Lol! 
So that's it.  Fun and relaxing. 
This week my team is flying in for meetings here in Dallas.  It's going to be another very busy week at work!! 
Have a fabulous day and if you haven't already, make sure to go vote on my Battle of the bands post from next week.  


  1. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. We didn't see any fireworks either here in Florida. We watched the ones on TV. At home in CA we can watch several towns from our backyard view. I think your idea for the ironing board is a nice one. I have my grandmother's wooden ironing board. I leave it set up in our living room with a crocheted runner on it with a few nik naks. Have a nice week Holli. I head home tomorrow.

  2. Good morning Holli! Sounds like a great weekend. I'm trying to get caught up on some blog-reading and commenting - it's been a busy week and weekend and there are a few things on the calendar this week and hopefully I'll be working soon. Then life will either be crazier or more organized since I'll have a regular routine. We'll see! Love the drawers as shelves idea. I've seen something similar as a jewelry organizer - you hang them up and then put a row of hooks for necklaces. I desperately need something like that. Have a great week!

  3. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend. I LOVE Watergate salad. It is so good.

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful 4th.

    I'm in Ohio and not much time for blogging, but I had to stop by real quick and see what you'd been up to...

    I love your black chalkboard ironing board. I was trying to think of something witty for you to write on it. What do you think of "Let Me Straighten You Out"? Or "Press Your Luck Here"?

  5. Sounds like a fun weekend. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

    Your crafts are neat. I especially like the chalkboard ironing board.

  6. I have not had Watergate salad in like 20 years. I had forgotten all about it until now. Oh, how I used to love it so. I must make it now. Thanks for the reminder!

  7. love some mellow mushroom! and can't wait to see your drawer shelves!

  8. Nixon salad... as I recall, that would be Cottage Cheese with ketchup...

  9. The colors you chose for the drawers are awesome!! Do you buy chalk paint or make your own?
    I've got a table in the workshop right now with some mushroom colored chalk paint waiting in the wings.

    Your family gathering looks fun! What a beautiful bunch!

    Glad you're back!


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