Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My 30 minute craft

Last Friday night, Todd left in the evening to pick up his brother and his girlfriend from the airport and take them home.  I thought it would be good idea to cover my footstool that I had been meaning to do.  I had bought the stool from an estate sale and it was pretty ratty and dirty. I only paid 5$ for it because I would be standing on it in my closet.  
I bought a vintage dress from a thrift store for the fabric alone. I loved the bright I colors and the fabric seemed durable enough to stand on.  
When I had flipped the stool over, there was a hand written note that said - covered for Mary Duncan on her 81st birthday.  I should have taken a pic of the craziness underneath. There was duct tape and clear fishing string all over that was used to cover it previously.  They had covered the stool with a teddy bear blanket.  
I used a staple gun for my recover and it was still a little messy underneath but I think some improvement. 
I'm very happy with it and I loved finding the note on the stool. It took 30 minutes to do everything- cut out the fabric and staple it.   My closet has 2 rods on one side and it's very tall. No way I could reach my clothes without standing on the stool.  
I did the recover in the living room while I watched TV.  


  1. Very pretty now! What a simple and fun project. Be very careful standing on that stool in your closet though!!!!

  2. Wow! Mary Duncan made it all the way to 81, and maybe even older. Your recover is adorable.


  3. Very cute and I love the fabric! If it would cool down here, I'd be working on some of my projects in the barn. It's humid and hot (expecting 100 tomorrow). Thank the Lord for air conditioning.

    Take care, sweet friend!


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